BB Messenger Notifications

  • BB Messenger is an automated mass communication system that Spokane Public Schools uses to quickly share information with all parents, guardians and staff via phone, email, text and/or app notification. The system is used to notify parents and guardians about events and activities at their student's school, emergencies and snow closure days, and other important information.

Message from SPS: Dec. 16, 2021

SPS Community,

We’re aware of a troubling post that has been shared widely this week on the social media platform TikTok. The post refers to a threat to school safety “for every school in the USA, even elementary,” on Friday, December 17.

The post is part of a national TikTok trend and did not originate in our school district. We have heard reports from many other districts across the state that the same post is circulating in their schools. While we do not believe the threat to be credible, we are closely monitoring the situation and taking it seriously. We will continue working diligently to preserve the safety of our learning community.

This situation serves as a good example of why it is important to avoid sharing posts online that refer to school safety threats. Even if they are not credible threats, they can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for our students, families, and staff. We ask our families to monitor their children’s social media activity and speak with them about proper behavior online.

If you or your child become aware of any potential threat posted to social media or anywhere else, please notify a school staff member or trusted adult right away.

As always, we appreciate your partnership as we work to ensure a safe, secure, and positive learning environment for our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I didn't hear the automated message?

If you are still on the phone, you can play the message again by pressing the star (*) key.

You can also access old messages via the SPS app. Log into the app and go to the “Notifications” icon to find an archive of messages that have been sent to you.

How can I change the phone number or email address where I receive your automated messages?

Please call your school's office and have them update your records. If you have students at multiple schools, you will need to update your information with each school.

How can I opt out of these messages? Is it possible to receive only emergency messages?

  • You can opt out of informational messages by calling 855.502.7867.
  • Any phone number/email changes need to be made through your school office.

I accidentally opted out of calls or texts. How can I opt back in?

  • You can opt back in to voice calls by calling 855.502.7867.
  • You can opt back in to text messages by texting START to 60680.
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