Human Growth & Development Citizens Advisory Committee

  • The HGD Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) reviews materials and curriculum updates. The SPS Curriculum & Instruction department facilitates curriculum development. Find the committee's bylaws here.

    Cooperation among schools, parents and community organizations is important in providing students with the information they need to help them make good decisions and choose healthy lifestyles. This committee represents an ongoing partnership between SPS and the community in providing a balanced, high quality education for our students.


    The HGD CAC is made up of representatives from diverse agencies such as Life Services, Spokane Regional Health District, Planned Parenthood, Catholic Family Services, Childbirth and Parenting Assistance, Lutheran Community Services, Spokane County Medical Society and Odyssey Youth Center. In addition, the HGD CAC includes up to eight members-at-large who reside within the school district’s boundaries.

    Find the HGD CAC Members for the 2023-24 school year here.


    The committee meets four to six times each year, or as needed, to review potential HGD instructional materials for classroom use. 

    Executive Committee Meeting Schedule for 2023-24

    • October 12, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 PM, Zoom 
    • January 11, 2024, 12:00 – 1:00 PM, Zoom 
    • March 14, 2024, 12:00 – 1:00 PM, Zoom
    • May 9, 2024, 12:00 – 1:00 PM, Zoom 

    HGD-CAC Meeting Schedule for 2023-24

    • October 26, 2023, 12-2 PM, The Hive
    • January 25, 2024, 12-2 PM, Zoom
    • March 28, 2024, 12-2 PM, Zoom
    • May 23, 2024, 12-2 PM, Zoom

    Minutes: 2022-23 HGD Citizens Advisory Committee

    Minutes: 2021-22 HGD Citizens Advisory Committee


    Curriculum Approval Process

      1. Teachers, Counselors, Principals, HGD Coordinator, or Parents identify a curricular need for a specific grade level or course. The individual or group submits the suggested material to the Elementary Review Committee or Secondary Review Committee. The appropriate committee reviews the material and either recommends that it continue in the approval process (if it meets a need or replaces an older, outdated resource) or that it be eliminated from the process.
      2. Materials recommended by the Elementary or Secondary Review Committee are reviewed and analyzed by the Human Growth and Development Citizens Advisory Committee (HGD CAC). The Committee determines the medical accuracy, age appropriateness, and overall quality of the suggested materials. Discussion of the materials is frank and open, followed by a vote to determine whether or not the material continues in the approval process.
      3. Materials approved by the HGD CAC are made available to district staff for their feedback and advice. Materials deemed appropriate by district staff are then recommended to the Board of Directors for Spokane Public Schools.
      4. At a formal School Board meeting, the Human Growth and Development Coordinator requests approval of the materials that have been recommended by the HGD CAC. Once the Board of Directors approves a specific material it is then made available to teachers for use with students.