NC Boys Basketball

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  • Our Foundation

    Everyone wants to win. Although difficult to describe, there exists a deep satisfaction that arises from winning that is exhilarating and fulfilling. The North Central Boys Basketball Program is committed to being a winning program.

    That said, three ideas must be shared with respect to our desire for victory.

    1. Winning is always viewed in a team context. Basketball is a team game and players are expected to embrace the importance of the team.
    2. Winning on the scoreboard is only one way to view the outcome of a game. An even deeper and more important perspective relates to personal effort. We work hard to win on the scoreboard, but each player's best effort is the ultimate goal.
    3. We must follow the road that will lead to victory. For our program, this road is defined by our four foundational ideas... Pride, Passion, Excellence, and Character.

    It is essential we strive to give our best effort. Whether it be strength and conditioning, skill, development, or the execution of team strategies; our commitment to giving our best must be full and unwavering. Remember that practice does NOT make perfect... perfect practice makes perfect.

    People who excel in life have found their passion and pursue it with joy and an unusual dedication. Simply state, they love what they do! It is imperative we all play basketball in the same way. It is a game and we want to "play happy!"

    Our program is committed to playing basketball at the highest level. To accomplish this end, we must have the courage to honestly critique our performances and then to dedicate ourselves to the path that will lead to playing basketball at a high level. In essence, this is playing the right way in all circumstances. This road is not easy. But when we play extremely well, winning will occur naturally and playing basketball will become even more fun. The key is committing to the journey!

    North Central Boys Basketball is committed to playing with class. We will play hard and aggressively, yet still treat officials and our opponents with respect. We will display a total commitment to the team by playing unselfishly and look for opportunities to encourage our teammates. Finally, this sense of class will extend beyond the basketball floor. We will strive to be good students and even better citizens at school and in the community.

    We hope each player enjoys the journey of playing with pride, passion, excellence, and character. In doing so, we are confident our student-athletes will leave our program better players and bigger people.

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  • Eligibility

    3 Items need to be completed before a player may be eligible to practice/participate.

    1. FAMILY ID REGISTRATION (Click to access)
    2. UPDATED SPORTS PHYSICAL - Must be current and on file in the Business Office. Physicals forms are good for 2 years.
    3. GSL CARD - $42 fee paid to the Business Office or SPS online payment system.