North Central Youth Basketball

  • NCYB Vision

    Develop high-character athletes who have positive personal, social, and civic values that strive for academic and athletic excellence.

    NCYB Mission

    Motivate, inspire, and spread passion to student-athletes about the game of basketball along with developing each individual into the best player and person they are capable of becoming.  Build a team atmosphere where all players are united as one to reach their full potential. Create and maintain an exciting program that generates tremendous levels of support, pride, and tradition for community members to share.

    Foundational Principles

    1. Character Growth
    2. Player Development
    3. Team Unity
    4. Mastering the Fundamentals
    5. Defensive Identity & System
    6. Offensive Identity & System


    North Central Youth Basketball is for boys who plan on attending North Central High School. We currently have a 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th grade team. These teams participate in our local Spokane AAU summer and winter leagues and tournaments.


    The purpose of "NCYB" is to develop the fundamental basketball skills of each individual player by teaching team concepts through quality coaching along with forming competitive teams per grade level.  In our youth program, the high school players and coaches get to know and encourage players from our youth teams.  Youth players are our "future Indians," and it is important that they learn to love basketball.