LC Crest

  • The idea of a crest was initiated by the class of 1967 then developed and completed by the ASB during the 1967-68 school year. The goal of the ASB was to portray by symbols and a motto the most significant aspects of the rich heritage of traditions and spirit associated with Lewis and Clark High School.

    The central element of the crest is a shield divided into four quadrants. Flanking the shield are the figures of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. These explorers personify not only the challenge of the unknown of their era, but that of ours as well. Crowning the top is the school motto: Fides (Faith), Noscentia (Knowledge), and Virtus (Virtue).

    The left-hand quadrant of the shield depicts the front entrance to our building; this symbolizes the academic traditions of the school. The bottom portion of the shield is taken from the architectural design seen above each doorway of the original building. The figure at the right represents activities and is a replica of the figure that was on the front of the first E.L. (Squinty) Hunter Field House. Prominently placed at the top of the shield is our mascot, the tiger. This highlights the “Tiger Spirit” that typifies all our endeavors.

LC's coat of arms