Instrumental Music Directors History

  • 1909- C. Olin Rice

        At the time Lewis and Clark was known as South Central and C. Olin Rice formed the first orchestra at the school and the department that still exists today.

    September 1912-June 1915- W.P. Christy

        Orchestra was the first instrumental music program at Lewis and Clark.  The first band was formed when members of the orchestra decided to form a Dutch band to perform in a convocation to raise money for pictures to have in the halls of Lewis and Clark.  It was so popular that the band began playing for parades and games using the roof to practice their marching.  This gave Lewis and Clark High School the first public high school band in the state of Washington.

    September 1915- June 1923- George A. Stout

        Orchestra and Choir

    September 1923- June 1926- George A. Stout

        Orchestra, Choir, and Band

    September 1926- June 1929- C.W. Elkin

        Band and Orchestra

    September 1929- June 1930- A.H. Biggs

        Band and Orchestra

    September 1930- June 1939- Walter M. Thomas

        Band and Orchestra

    September 1939- January 1941- Robert A Choate

        Band, Orchestra, and Choir

    January 1941- June 1942- Francis M. Baxter*

        Band, Orchestra, and Choir.  Baxter went on to become the head of District 81 in 1942 and eventually left for California.

    September 1942- June 1943- William Gould*

        Band and Orchestra

    September 1943- June 1944- George Kyme

        Band and Orchestra

    September 1944- June 1973- C. Oliver Fuller

        Band and Orchestra

    September 1973- June 1987- Michael Delaney

        Band and Orchestra

    September 1987- June 2010- Larry Jay

        Band and Orchestra

    September 2010- Present- Dan Nord


        Orchestra (2010-2012)

    October 2011- June 2012- Lizzy Mosback


    September 2012-2015- Carol Pederson


    September 2015- June 2019- Mari Kellogg


    September 2019- Rose Saurette


    *It is unclear of when William Gould and Francis Baxter actually changed positions and Gould came into the district. The books show that Gould could have been in for only part of a year as the record states "in order to preserve continuity."

John Phillip Sousa Visits Spokane and Lewis & Clark

  • The band concerts in Washington by Sousa were part of his western tour.  He usually appeared in California cities and then traveled by private train to Seattle, giving concerts on the way.  After the Seattle appearance the tour would travel east across Washington and on to the east coast.  One exception to this pattern was when Sousa ended the world tour with concerts in Victoria and Vancouver B.C. in late September 1911.  He appeared in Seattle Sept. 23, Tacoma the 24th, Aberdeen the 26th, then toured down the coast to California. Another was in 1907 when he appeared in Spokane October 7, Yakima and Ellensburg the 8th, then on to Seattle.  Other known concerts with unknown dates were Olympia and W.S.U.


    The following concerts in Spokane have been verified with newspaper articles.

    Tues. 11 Feb 1896, Auditorium Theatre, Matinee and Evening

    Fri. 5 Mar 1897, Auditorium Theatre, Matinee and Evening

    Fri. 24 Mar 1899, Auditorium Theatre, Matinee and Evening

    Fri. 1 Mar 1901, Auditorium Theatre, Matinee and Evening

    Tues. 7 Oct 1902, Auditorium Theatre, Matinee and Evening

    Mon. 7 Oct 1907, Spokane Theatre, Matinee and Evening

    Sun. 1 Aug 1915 through Sun. 8 Aug (8 days), Natatorium Park, Matinee and Evening

    Fri. 7 Nov 1919, Auditorium Theatre, Matinee and Evening

    Mon. 12 Dec 1921, Lewis & Clark H.S., Matinee and Evening

    Fri. 21 Dec 1923, Lewis & Clark H.S., Matinee and Evening

    Fri. 29 Jan 1926, Lewis & Clark H.S., Matinee and Evening- The LC Organ accompanied the Sousa Band for this concert!!!

    Mon. 26 Sept 1927, Lewis & Clark H.S., Matinee and Evening

Picture of Lewis & Clark High School Drum Major saluting the crowd to a partly cloudy back drop
  • Lewis & Clark High School was gifted an organ and a piano by former senior classes.  Read the story and see a picture of the organ here.