Color Etchings

  • Boulogne of Mer Rentrie des Barques Boulogne of Mer Rentrie des Barques
    Artist: Chalridoy
    Location: Hall from room 329 to 331
    Catalog # 274
    Notes: This picture is especially worthy of attention for the vitality and character of the face, the grace of the figure, the easy naturalness of the pose, and the unaffected simplicity of the subject. Original in the possession of J. Pierpont Morgan.


    Brou Cathedral (Interior) Brou Cathedral (Interior)
    Location: Hall from room 233 to 235
    Catalog #154
    Notes: Donated by the Class of June, 1916. This is a Gothic church built between 1511 and 1536 by Margaret of Austria. Its richness of decoration created the inspiration for the present etching. The center of interest is Margaret's tomb and her son's. These represent the superlative degree of Gothic decoration and have outstanding placement. But Fonce introduced touches of color to lead the eye to the long row of stained glass windows through which the etching gives an inspiring feeling of depth. The shadows endow the building with solemnity; the light gives a richness of elaborate detail, for which this cathedral is famous.


    canal at amsterdam Canal at Amsterdam
    Artist: Leo Francois
    Location: Hall from room 305 to 307
    Catalog # 361
    Notes: Quiet shadows and cool reflections in light-values contribute to the repose felt by the artist and expressed in this etching where an old street presents buildings with decorative design.


    christ at emmaus Christ at Emmaus
    Artist: Van Rijn Rembrandt (1606-1669)
    Location: Hall from room 323 to 325
    Catalog # 112
    Notes: Donated by the Class of June, 1915. Original in the Louvre, Paris. After his resurrection Jesus appeared to two disciples. Rembrandt depicted the moment at the meal when they realized that the man they had not recognized was Jesus. No other artist has presented such a Christ as this Being, who has passed through death and lives again. Rembrandt's power to extend his strenuous spiritual quest into the medium of paint and produce so inspiring a painting as this attests his genius.


    The Church of St. Maclou The Church of St. Maclou
    Location: Hall from room 233 to 235
    Catalog # 176
    Notes: Donated by the Class of June, 1916.The etching centers interest on a church in the later Gothic of French architecture. The detailed decoration of the five arcades shows the artist's ability to create beauty through lines; and his use of subdued light and deep shadows centers upon the designs produced by these lines.


    The Harbor The Harbor
    Artist: R. Lorraine
    Location: Hall from room 329 to 331
    Catalog # 276
    Notes: This color etching is lovely not only for the color of the sea and the sky but also for the lines of boats in the harbor.


    Houseboat on the Moret Houseboat on the Moret
    Artist: Le Sage
    Location: Hall from room 127 to 129
    Catalog # 90
    Notes: This etching presents a feeling of tranquility. No line shows movement, except, perhaps, a gentle ripple in the water. Instead, gradations of color, line, and light produce deep reflections and the effect of quietness.


    Houses of Parliament Houses of Parliament
    Artist: Henri Jourdain (1864-1931)
    Location: Hall from room 127 to 129
    Catalog # 164
    Notes: Donated by the Class of June, 1915. The imposing mass of the Houses of Parliament is the center of interest in this colored etching. Vigorous and serious, the mighty shadow rises to impress the observer with its majesty. The relief felt in the clearly defined patterns of the repeated forms in the foreground, with the expanse of the Thames, adds to the value expressed through the breadth of the buildings.


    La Porte Marchihale a Bruges La Porte Marchihale a Bruges/Town Gate in Bruges
    Artist: Victor Gilsoul (1867-?)
    Location: Hall from room 305 to 307
    Catalog # 307
    Notes: This colored etching reveals Gilsoul's equilibrium between emotion and realism. The latter, without, makes demands upon the former, within. From one point of view nothing could be more accurate in design than this town gate. But its peculiar value is in the sentiment, full of respect and tenderness, that the Belgian artist cherishes for his country. As most characteristic in this scene, Gilsoul selected the touching aspect of sobriety combined with strength. Gilsoul's simple beauty of execution makes him a great etcher.


    Live Oaks Live Oaks
    Artist: Lucien Jonas
    Location: Hall from room 311 to 313
    Catalog # 269
    Notes: The "feeling" for trees in this colored etching reminds one of Corot's influence.


    The Market in Flanders The Market in Flanders
    Artist: Julian Celos
    Location: Room 146 H
    Catalog # 16
    Notes: This simple scene abounds in life and color. The neutral background in warm, as if the sun could be felt through a heavy atmosphere. There is rhythm in the orange-red roofs; color contrast in the green-blue umbrellas; motion and spirit in the multitude of marketers. The mood of the picture is joyous. Its art lifts us above the common-place.


    The Market in Malines The Market in Malines
    Artist: Julian Celos
    Location: Room 207
    Catalog # 17
    Notes: Donated by the Class of June, 1916. Like a folk drama, this Old World scene moves the observer with emotions varying from the light-heartedness of the children gazing at rose-colored balloons to the serious thoughtfulness aroused by the dark, towering church, about which the people have gathered on market day. The artist's creative power gives color and feeling to this typical etching.


    Moonlight Moonlight
    Artist: Heran Chaban
    Location: Hall from room 327 to 329
    Catalog # 317
    Notes: Line and color make this etching attractive. There is strong contrast in the low values of trees and shore line against the high values of moonlit sky and water. There also is a pleasing transition of color treatment from dark, dull blue-greens to soft, light yellow-greens.


    Morning Fog Morning Fog
    Artist: Pierre Waidman
    Location: Hall from room 127 to 129
    Catalog # 316
    Notes: This color etching, when exhibited at Paris, won first prize. Waidman was secretary of the National Society of France.


    Old Holland Old Holland
    Artist: Victor Gilsoul
    Location: Hall from room 305 to 307
    Catalog # 44
    Notes: Extreme freedom of touch gives a sensation of richness and brilliance even to these somber, old buildings. The originality of the composition attracts the eye and arrests the attention of the spectator. Gilsoul met with rapid success, painting similar scenes that were picturesque and even dramatic.


    Paysage Hollandais, Amsterdam Paysage Hollandais, Amsterdam (Dutch Landscape)
    Artist: P.C. Gabriel (1828-1903)
    Location: Hall from room 121 to 123
    Catalog # 42
    Notes: Donated by the Class of January, 1915. The windmill in this Holland landscape is the center of interest by position and by the converging lines of the canal directing attention to it. Blue and green clouds in the sky are reflected in the water. Through the use of this balance a bland atmosphere of quiet restfulness is obtained.


    Place de Venice Place de Venice
    Artist: Pierre Labrouche
    Location: Hall from room 319 to 321
    Catalog # 85
    Notes: Donated by the Class of June 1916. With almost photographic exactness the artist painted these old, marble, hand-carved palaces of Venice to produce the illusion of solidity and beauty.


    Port of Boulogne Port of Boulogne
    Location: Hall from room 329 to 331
    Catalog # 366
    Notes: This interesting composition presents further evidence of the distinction of contemporary French etchers. In the foreground the boats in rich browns form a decorative pattern to direct attention to the alluring view of the port, stretching in cool color, clear light, and pleasing depth and design along the margin of the sea.


    Return of the Sardine Boats Return of the Sardine Boats
    Artist: Gerard Le Gout (1876-?)
    Location: Hall from room 131 to 133
    Catalog # 43
    Notes: Donated by the Class of June,1913. This color etching expresses and emotion aroused by the beauty of a sunset along the French waterfront. The fishing vessels gliding in from the sea into the shadows of the night denote the end of the days work; silhouetted against the sky, they add pictorial interest to the scene. The charm of the picture is enhanced by the mellow glow of color, which, with the shadows and reflections, awakens a feeling of reverie in the observer.


    Towing Towing
    Artist: F.P. Luigine
    Location: Hall from room 327 to 329
    Catalog # 95
    Notes: In characteristic style this etching conveys the artist's response to the aspect of peasant life as he saw it in the Low Countries. The peasants' rigorous toil is expressed by the downward, drooping lines of the figures against the opposing lines of nature.


    Village of Santa Lucia Village of Santa Lucia
    Artist: Raoul Serre
    Location: Hall from room 127 to 129
    Catalog # 320
    Notes: In an exhibition at Rome in 1906 Serre received the Grand Prize for this color etching.