• bronze tiger Bronze Tiger
    Location: Old LC Administration Arch
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: The Senior Class of 2011 donated this life-size bronze tiger statue recreated from a sculpture done by Antoine Barye (France) in 1854. The tiger is mounted on the outside arch where the old District Administration Building once stood.


    Bus Stop (picture not available)
    Artist: Anne Gillis
    Location: room 127
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: Painted by an LC Student - Class of 1962


    william clark William Clark
    Artist: Alonzo Victor Lewis
    Location: Auditorium, right of stage
    Catalog # 20
    Notes: Donated by the Class of January, 1912. This is a portrait of one of the intrepid captains of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806, for whom our school is named.



    Artist: Harold Balazs
    Location: Courtyard
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: Lewis & Clark has added to its art collection once again with a fantastic stainless steel sculpture in the courtyard. This piece was a result of the Washington State Arts Commission program called Art in Public Places. The program requires that when there is new construction (our remodel) that a percentage of the cost goes to buying art. Harold worked with LC students, parents and staff in developing ideas for the piece. He decided to do "Discovery" since High School is a time of discovery. The piece represents a canoe and a journey; much like that which Lewis & Clark did 200 years ago, this being the celebration year of their journey. The sculpture was placed where it is to signify a sort of "passing through" of the campus or life.


    henry melvin hart Henry Melvin Hart
    Location: Hall, above showcases
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: No information available



    Captain Merriwether Lewis Captain Merriwether Lewis
    Artist: Alonzo Victor Lewis
    Location: Auditorium, left of stage
    Catalog # 92
    Notes: Donated by the Class of January, 1912 This oil painting of Lewis, scientist of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and its companion portrait of Captain William Clark, are appropriate pieces in our collection, as these gallant pathfinders to the West give significance to the name of our school. The artist is a sculptor also.




    LC crest Lewis and Clark Crest
    Location: East entrance stairs
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: No information is available.



    LC quilt Lewis & Clark Quilt
    Artist: Darcel Obermiller
    Location: North entrance to Field House
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: This is an original design by Darcel Obermiller to commemorate the Class of 2002. It depicts the old and new school prior to the remodel completion and includes pictures of students on the steps and around the school. She used an old photo for the old school and the architects rendering from the news paper to create the design. This piece includes piecing, appliqué and both hand and machine quilting. She had six children attend LC and having one of them graduating in the class of 2002, Darcel Obermiller started planning the design as soon as the remodel was published in the Spokesman Review. This quilt took over a year and a half to complete. It is an American treasure done by an award-winning quilter.


    tiger The Maharaja's Tiger
    Location: LC Field House Grand Staircase
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: On April 27, 2007, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane Washington hosted the “Carousel on Parade” auction and gala. The line up consisted of 26 fiberglass carousel animals, which included fourteen ponies, five tigers and eight giraffes. The carousel animals were displayed around various locations throughout Spokane since September 2006. Twenty-two local artists from the surrounding Spokane area painted these one of a kind pieces of art. A group of LC parents combined resources to bid and win this one of a kind piece of art for LC. The Maharaja's Tiger: This was the most favored of pets owned by the Maharajah. So pampered and secure in the affections of the great leader, he allowed only the most beloved children, of the most favored wives, a ride.


    new beings in the cloud chamber New Beings in the Cloud Chamber
    Location: room 043
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: Donated by the Class of 1997.



    seaside Seaside
    Location: Hall between room 117 to 119
    Catalog # 427
    Notes: No information is available.


    the '50s The 50's
    Location: room 209
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: No information is available.






    the turnaround The Turnaround
    Location: Hall by room 243 (By skywalk)
    Catalog # n/a
    Notes: Donated by the Class of 1994.