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A La Carte Prices

  • Purchasing Meals

    • Meals may be paid in advance by placing money in your child's meal account. Set up an online account that will provide low-balance notices and allow you to view your child’s account history.
    • Purchase at any time from your school's office, preferably before school in the morning.
    • All schools use computers to track meal accounts. 
    • Parents may choose to place restrictions on how their child's meal account is spent: contact your school.
    • Checks - Please make them out to your child's school, with the child's full name on the memo line. If checks are returned twice due to insufficient funds, further meals will be on a cash basis.
    • Cash - We encourage the exact amount as this will help the line move more quickly.
    • Ala Carte - Entrees and many other items can be purchased individually.
    • Adult Prices - Adults pay more for their meals because the district does not receive any federal reimbursement or commodity support for the meals they purchase. Adults may not use student meal accounts to pay for their own adult or student's siblings meal as prices are set to enrolled student pricing.
    • Still hungry? All students may purchase a second meal by paying the full meal price.
    • Apply for the Free & Reduced-Price Meal Program any time during the school year if you need meal support.

    Meal Charge Procedure & Benevolence Fund Meals

    The goals of Spokane Public Schools’ Breakfast and Lunch Program are to provide healthy meals to children during the school day and ensure students receive the meal of their choice. Parents play a key role in this effort, and are responsible for providing a meal for their child at school.

    When a student has a low or negative balance in their meal account, we follow these procedures:

    • Students will be offered a tear-off tab in the serving line as a reminder of their low balance/negative balance.
    • Student account will be charged into the negative and parent/guardian will remain responsible for all outstanding and unpaid meal charges while the student continues to receive school meals.
    • Parents/Guardians will be notified of the amount due within 10 days of the unpaid balance by the school/district via phone, email, or letter.
    • Parents are encouraged to sign up for balance alerts to receive regular notices of meal account balances. Parents/Guardians may also complete the School Meal Application for consideration of program eligibility.
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