Summer STEM & Arts Camps: Grades K-8

  • Spokane Public Schools' Summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) & Arts Camps are open to all students in the Eastern Washington region who will be in grades K-8 in the fall of 2020. They offer hands-on, problem-solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership skills through fun, engaging activities.

    • 2020 camps are offered July 6-30.
    • Camps are one or two weeks long, as noted in the descriptions below.  
    • Each camp has recommended grade levels, but please place your child in a camp where he or she will learn and be challenged.

Kids Love LEGOs

Recommended for grades K-8 • 1-week camp
Campers will use LEGOs to learn about force, motion, and speed, and understand the foundations of block programming. Based on age and experience, students will use LEGO Simple Machines, WeDo 1.0 and 2.0, EV3 Mindstorm kits, which include gears, motors, sensors and block programming. As a team, campers will use their imaginations to design and program a robot that can navigate a challenging mission and solve a unique problem.

Girls Love LEGOs

Recommended for grades K-3 • 1-week camp
LEGOs are a great start to learning about engineering, coding and the scientific process. Because our LEGO camps traditionally fill with boys, we designed a camp specifically with girls in mind. This camp will ensure they love to build, engineer and code with LEGOs.

Make My Game/Coding

Recommended for grades K-8 • 1-week camp
Kids will use a variety of software platforms to learn basic and advanced block programming, then be given a challenge to design and program their own game to solve a unique problem.

Squishy Circuits

Recommended for grades K-6 • 1-week camp
Campers will learn to control and modify LED lights by creating squishy circuit animals, magic wands, paper masks, and arm bands. Advanced campers will use microcontrollers to transform LED lights into elements of costumes, clothing, and accessories.

Raspberry Pi

Recommended for grades 5-8 • 2-week camp
Raspberry Pi is a small but powerful computer built specifically with young programmers in mind. Campers will receive their own programmable Pi and learn firsthand about the software and hardware capabilities of these incredible machines while creating in Minecraft and programming Linux.

Young Drone Operators

Recommended for grades 5-8 • 2-week camp
Operating a drone is no easy task! Campers will learn the basics of how to fly a drone, how to take one apart and then put it back together. They will program a drone to operate autonomously and learn the safety and ethics related to drone operation. Week 2 campers will work in teams to build problem-solving skills to complete a search and rescue mission and learn how this technology can help save lives and make our jobs easier.

STEM Art Studio

Recommended for grades K-6 • 1-week camp
Take a walk on the right side ... of the brain, that is! Campers who like math and science, but are more passionate about art will love this camp. Learn how we use STEM while engaging our creative side to express ourselves artistically. We’ll paint, draw and sculpt, and use a diverse array of mixed media, materials and techniques to express ourselves.

Stop-Motion & Video Construction

Recommended for grades 5-8 • 2-week camp
Kids will learn using storyboards, props, backdrops, and cameras as they produce, direct, light, shoot their own videos and stop-motion animation. Campers will plan and produce their own short movies, while developing leadership, communication, project management, design, and technical skills.

Cosplay for Kids

Recommended for grades 5-8 • 2-week camp
Cosplay is the art of imitating a character from an anime, manga, video game or other form of visual media. In this camp, kids will identify a character they would like to play and/or create their own. This “engineering design” process includes choosing an outfit/costume for the character, identifying supplies and materials, designing and assembling components, making the costume and learning to play the part of the character.

Making Manga & Anime

Recommended for grades 4-8 • 2-week camp
Manga, chibis, anime… Come join fellow fans of comics and animated shows to take your drawing and animated design skills to the next level! Kids will learn to develop, draw, illustrate and animate their favorite characters, original or from existing media. Camp will include anatomy and proportion, posing, perspective, composition, color choice, and the process from sketching to inking to coloring and moving ideas to a digital platform for animation.

Digital Fabrication & 3D Printing

Recommended for grades 5-8 • 1-week camp
Digital fabrication and 3D printing are revolutionizing product development and changing the world. Take your 2D ideas from imagination to 3D modeling and printing. In week 2, kids will be presented with a real-life problem that might be solved with the use of 3D printing. Working in small groups and in teams to design, they will create and implement a physical model that solves that problem.

Kids Love Physics

Recommended for grades K-6 • 2-week camp
Through trial and error, we will learn about the forces of flight and motion, and how these forces lift rockets into the air. Campers will design and build rockets, roller coasters, and race cars, and explore the concepts of physics, including mass, velocity, gravity, and potential and kinetic energy.

Kids Love Engineering & Construction

Recommended for grades K-6 • 2-week camp
Pull out the blueprints! We will use our engineering skills to create plans for a cat condo, a dog house, or even a fairy garden. After we’ve created our plan, we’ll gather supplies, and get to work on constructing for our pets (real or imaginary)!

Kids Love Chemistry & Biomed

Recommended for grades K-6 • 2-week camp
We’ve combined these two popular science camps so kids have two amazing weeks to have hands-on experience with the elements that make up our world and destroy or fuel our bodies. Kids who enjoy making predictions, creating chemical reactions, identifying contaminants, dissection, and how things work will love this camp!

Camp Crime Scene

Recommended for grades 5-8 • 2-week camp
Immerse yourself in challenging puzzles with crime scene investigation. Learn evidence collection techniques, study the clues, analyze the data, and maybe even solve the crime. Explore science and medicine in the world of law enforcement.

students watch a physics experiment with amazement