Express Program Information

  • Express School Age Childcare Program provides quality, convenient childcare to elementary students ages 5 to 12 years (Grades K to 5) enrolled in Spokane Public Schools. Activities are planned to foster the growth and development of the whole child.

    Due to the high volume of registrations, a completed registration may not guarantee entry. If, after registration is received, it is determined that your requested site and program are already full or not offered, we will notify you as soon as possible.

    Children must be potty-trained, able to participate in a group setting, be able to follow directions independently and adhere to program rules and expectations to participate in the Express Program. If your child has special needs, extra time may be required prior to your desired start date for an assessment of your child's needs in a childcare setting and approval by an Express coordinator. This is to ensure a safe, quality experience for your child in Express.  

    We must have your complete registration -- this includes Online Signature Form, Certificate of Immunization and DSHS authorization, if applicable -- a minimum of two full business days before your first day of childcare to ensure proper student safety, staffing ratios, and licensing requirements. You will be invoiced for the registration fee to complete your registration.

    The Express program will follow the SPS 2024-25 school year schedule for days school is closed.  Program hours will be 6:30am-8:30am and 3:00pm-6:00pm. During late start days, the program opens normal hours and end when school starts. There will be no Express program on elementary conference days.

    Transportation options shown below are subject to change based on restrictions in place and demand.

    Please be advised that the transportation options listed below are based on our current understanding of transportation capacity for the 2024-25 school year. Final notification of site availability and transportation options will be determined two weeks prior to the start of school, and families will be notified of those options. If it is determined that we are unable to serve an Express location due to low enrollment or lack of transportation, a refund will be issued for the registration fee at impacted locations.

  • Program Locations

    Please Note: If your child is bussing to/from their home school for Express you do not need to fill out a transportation request through Zum.

    Available Locations:

    • Adams at Hamblen
    • Arlington at Whitman
    • Balboa at Browne (NEW for 24-25)
    • Browne
    • Finch
    • Franklin at Lincoln Heights
    • Garfield
    • Hamblen
    • Hutton
    • Indian Trail at Westview
    • Jefferson
    • Libby at Longfellow
    • Lidgerwood at Whitman 
    • Lincoln Heights
    • Linwood at Ridgeview
    • Logan at Longfellow
    • Longfellow
    • Madison at Ridgeview
    • Montessori at Finch or Jefferson
    • Moran Prairie
    • Mullan Road
    • Ridgeview
    • Roosevelt
    • Scott at Lincoln Heights
    • Spokane Dual Language at Longfellow (NEW for 24-25)
    • Westview
    • Whitman
    • Willard at Garfield
    • Wilson at Roosevelt
    • Woodridge
  • Rates

    Rates will be updated for 2024-25 when board approved, a 10% increase is anticipated from 23-24.

  • Meals

    The Express Childcare program will provide an afternoon snack for Express children.  

  • Health and Safety Protocols

    It is important for the health of all students, staff and families that your child not attend Express when they are sick. The following guidelines are appropriate reasons to keep your child home from Express:

    • A fever of 100.4 degrees F or higher in the last 24 hours. Your child should be fever free (without the use of fever-reducing medicines) for 24 hours before returning to school.
    • A consistently goopy, runny nose.
    • Drainage from the eye and/or redness of the eyelid or skin around the eye.
    • A bad cough – one that you wouldn’t want your well child to be around.
    • A sore throat, especially with fever or swollen glands in the neck.
    • Shortness of breath or other problems with normal breathing.
    • A child that seems ill – unusually tired, pale, or difficult to awaken, headache or body aches; seems confused or irritable, and/or lacks normal appetite.
    • A rash that is associated with fever or severe itching.
    • Vomiting with/without diarrhea within the last 24 hours. Your child should be free of vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school. NOTE: A child who has one episode of bloody diarrhea or two episodes of diarrhea at school must be sent home and cannot return until the diarrhea has resolved. Some diarrhea may be associated with bacteria or virus. If your child has severe diarrhea you should contact your health care provider.
    • Your child needs to remain at home for 24 hours after starting an antibiotic.
    • Any contagious condition such as chicken pox, influenza, COVID-19, whooping cough, or gastroenteritis.
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