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General NEWTech Information

We Are NEWTech!

North East Washington Technical Skill Center

4141 North Regal Street, Spokane WA 99207



NEWTech is recognized for its unique and specialized educational programs. One of only 16 career-technical training centers in Washington State, NEWTech serves juniors and seniors (ages 16-21) from area high schools, private schools, and home school families. NEWTech serves as a core campus for area schools, allowing schools to offer a broader variety of courses, college credits, license preparation, intensive technical skill and career preparation, and industry recognized certifications. Students must remain enrolled in a sending high school or have an Intent to Homeschool document on file in order to be allowed to attend NEWTech. 

Mrs. Duffy
Kari Duffy - Director

  • Community and Industry Outreach
  • School Policies and Processes 
  • Parent/Student Questions
  • Curriculum/Program Options

Mr. Lenihan
Patrick Lenihan - Assistant Director 

  • School Policies and Processes 
  • Tours
  • Parent/Student concerns
  • Enrollment
  • Summer School

Kathleen Proud - Administrative TOSA  

  • Tours
  • Student concerns
  • Enrollment
  • Student Ambassadors 

Mrs. Talbott
Tricia Talbott - Counselor

  • Enrollment
  • Barrier Funds
  • Student suppport
  • ASB
  • 504 support

Mr. Bellmer
Matt Bellmer - NEWTech Academics

  • Academic coursework that you can’t access at your home high school

Mrs. Gretch
Suzzie Gretch - Apprenticeship Coordinator 

  • Employability skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Apprenticeship/internship outreach
  • Flagger and Forklift Certification

Mr. Lorentz
Tim Lorentz - Special Education Coordinator

  • Special Education/IEP Support
  • Case Manager outreach
  • Instructional Assistant support

Mrs. Gonzalez
Lisa Gonzalez - Business Manager

  • Paying Fees
  • Live Work invoices
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • ASB and Barrier Reduction Funds

Mrs. Sanford
Jillian Sanford - Office Manager

  • Attendance (Excusing Absences)
  • Calendar
  • General Questions

Mrs. Lunt
Polly Lunt - Data Processor

  • Power School Access/Log-In
  • Change of address & data updates
  • Sending Grades/Attendance to sending schools

2021-22 NEWTech Daily Bell Schedule and Yearly Calendar


NEWTech follows the Spokane Public Schools calendar.  If you attend a non-Spokane Public Schools high school, there may be times when your NEWTech class is in session and your sending high school is not in session.  When this occurs, you are expected to attend your NEWTech class.

First Day of Classes at NEWTech is Sept. 2, 2021.

NEWTech 2020-21 Bell Schedule

NEWTech 2021-22 Year-At-A Glance Calendar 

Attendance (Adult Status for Students)

Students do not automatically receive adult status when they turn 18.  Students wishing to obtain adult status (to excuse absences, sign themselves out of class, etc.) must first obtain adult status from their home high school.  An administrator or designee must email our Assistant Director, Patrick Lenihan informing him adult status has been granted.  

Attendance (Expectations)


Students enrolled in NEWTech are expected to attend school regularly in accordance with state law and school board policies. The primary responsibility for school attendance rests with parents and their students. Continual communication between home and school is encouraged to promote good attendance and serve the best interests of our students.

 Punctuality and attendance are included among the employability traits which students are evaluated on regularly throughout the year.  Students with poor attendance will be assessed on the bottom tier of the rubric, negatively impacting their overall grade in their NEWTech program.  NEWTech classes meet for 2.5 hrs each day.  Missing one day at NEWTech is like missing three class periods at the sending high school.  

NEWTech Absence Notification Procedures
STEP 1: Student Responsibility- Just as you would in the workplace, students at NEWTech may be asked to contact their instructor (supervisor) if the student will be absent. Students can contact your instructor by either email or phone, just as you would for a job, and explain your absence to the instructor. (EXAMPLE: Good morning Ms. Sanford, this is Geneva. I am sick and will be absent today. I plan to be back at school tomorrow). 

STEP 2: Parent/Guardian Responsibility - A parent MUST report an absence in writing or by phone call. Absences MUST be reported to both the student home school and to NEWTech separately.

Conflict Days (School-Required Release): School-required releases are arranged by the sending high school.  Typically, these are for inclement-weather and state mandated testing. Conflict days are when your high school is closed, on early dismissal, or late arrival and NEWTech is in session. Students are expected to follow NEWTech’s calendar and bell schedule for attendance. Unless otherwise notified, bus times remain unchanged on conflict days. Parents are asked to arrange transportation to and from the high school and home. Should transportation arrangements not be available, students must bring a note from the parent or guardian to that effect.

Students that are going to miss three or more consecutive days of school should fill a Notification of Absence form, available in the NEWTech office and online at

Unexcused Absences: All other absences are considered unexcused.  Examples may include: car trouble, oversleeping, leaving school with parent permission but without checking out of school, or without parent permission.  Unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action.  After the two-day grace period, absences may not be excused or recovered.


  • Arrival to AM shift late up to 8:40 AM (20% or less of instruction missed)
  • Arrival to PM shift late up to 11:55 AM (20% or less of instruction missed)


Students Are Absent if:

  • They do not show up at all (100% of instruction missed)
  • They arrive to AM shift after 8:40 AM (More than 20% of instruction/experience missed)
  • They arrive to PM shift after 11:55 AM (More than 20% of instruction/experience missed)
  • They leave class early 30 minutes or more before their scheduled dismissal


Students who have appointments or need to leave school early must sign out in the main office and have permission from a parent/guardian before leaving campus, i.e., signed-out in the main office by a parent/guardian, a note from a parent/guardian, or a phone call from a parent/guardian to the main office secretary.

STUDENTS MUST CHECK OUT THROUGH THE NEWTech OFFICE. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL BE CONSIDERED AN ABSENCE AND WILL NOT BE CLEARED.  Students are expected to be in their classrooms promptly at the start of each shift and be ready to begin class. Students not in their classrooms will be considered tardy. Those not in the classroom within 30 minutes of the start will be considered absent. Students arriving late to NEWTech must report their arrival to their teacher upon entering the classroom.

Attendance (Excusing Absences)

REPORTING and EXCUSING ABSENCES: NEWTech does not have access to sending school attendance records.  Because of this, parents/guardians must notify NEWTech of any student absences.   To report/excuse an absence, call our 24 HR attendance line at (509) 354-7400.  ONLY a parent or guardian may report/excuse a student’s absence.  Exceptions include students who are part of the HEART program for “unaccompanied youth” and students who have obtained adult status at their home high school.

When leaving a message, please leave the following information:

  1. Please spell the first and last name of the student.
  2. State your name and relationship to the student.
  3. Leave your daytime phone number for verification.
  4. Give a brief reason for the absence. (“sick” or “testing at school” or “school sports”, etc.).

Student absences must be cleared by a parent/guardian within two (2) school days after the absence or the absence will remain unexcused and be considered a truancy.

As part of our simulated workplace best practices, your child's instructor might request that their students notify them when they are going to be absent. 

Grading/College Credit/Equivalency Credit

GENERAL: NEWTech grades are earned twice per year, semester 1 and semester 2 and forwarded to each home high school. Students may receive up to three (3) high school credits per year.

Grading categories include, at a minimum, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Attain identified knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as industry standards
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of related theory
  • Demonstrate attainment of the 21st Century Skills
  • Overall quality of work
  • Adherence to ALL safety rules and expectations

Standards-based (Competency) grading aligned to Spokane Public Schools grading scale:

 grading scale

Your program's course syllabus includes specific details related to classroom grading practices.

TECH PREP COLLEGE CREDIT: Most NEWTech programs offer Tech Prep/College credits through the Community Colleges of Spokane.   Students who successfully complete their NEWTech course with a passing grade are eligible to receive college credits.

EQUIVALENCY CREDIT: Many NEWTech programs offer equivalency credit.  Equivalency credit is the awarding of credit, typically math or science, toward a high school academic course required or graduation. Students who earn a passing grade at the end of 1st and 2nd semester in their NEWTech program (s) will automatically earn .5 equivalency credit for each semester they passed. The credit is subject to the student’s home high school counselor’s review and approval. Equivalency credits may not meet 4-year college entrance requirements.

A list of available college and equivalency credit, by NEWTech program, is available by clicking here.

NON-PERFORMANCE IN CLASS: Attending NEWTech is a privilege and students are expected to have excellent attendance, fully participate, and complete all work above at least a C level. Students who do little or no work in classes, do not complete assigned homework, fail to regularly bring materials to classes, or otherwise fail to make an effort to achieve academically, may be subject to disciplinary action, including removal from NEWTech.

Checking Grades and Attendance

General: Student information including grades and attendance are accessible via Spokane Public School District’s online Powerschool system. You will receive personalized login and password information after the beginning of school. Students and parent/guardians can easily access up-to-date information by logging on and following the steps listed below.

Attention Spokane Public School parents and students: you will use your regular Powerschool login to view NEWTech grades and attendance.

Attention all non Spokane Public School parents and students: your Powerschool userid and password and information about setting up and accessing your NEWTech Powerschool account will be sent  to you during the first month of school.

Attention Mead and Central Valley School District parents and students: the userid and password for NEWTECH is different from the userid and password used to access Mead and Central Valley School District's PowerSchool. The two programs do not communicate with each other; a separate userid and password is required. Also, you will need to log in to PowerSchool through NEWTECH's website (see below).

Click here to access Powerschool: 

If you ever have any questions about your child’s grade or progress, you should contact your child’s NEWTech instructor

Call 509.354.7400 to report an absence

Dress Code and Program Uniforms

Dress standards for NEWTech programs shall be consistent with the standards of the industry or business for which the student is training.  This includes presenting a professional image to future employers of NEWTech graduates, as well as current and future customers.  Dress or appearance must not present a health or safety hazard.  Protective clothing (as required by per the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act) shall also be worn.

As part of our simulated workplace model, each NEWTech program has a required professional uniform.  Program uniforms cost between $50 and $80.  Throughout the school year - there might be ‘dress down’ or ‘casual Fridays’ when students do not have to wear their professional uniform.  Otherwise, students are expected to wear their professional uniform every day.


If you are on free or reduced lunch and need assistance with paying uniform fees, please visit with our counselor in the Student Services office.

On ‘dress down’ or ‘casual Fridays please note the following items are no permitted:

  • Any article of clothing, style of grooming, or behavior that displays or promotes the use of illicit drugs, profanity, tobacco products, lewd or obscene behavior, alcohol, or the degradation of human character.
  • Any clothing, grooming, or behavior that symbolizes, represents, or exhibits gang -related activity or hatred toward another person or group.


What should I do if my child is going to be absent from NEWTech?

In order to excuse an absence, the student must obtain a parental/guardian excuse within 2 days. This can be done via parent/guardian note or phone call to 354-7400.

What should I do if my child needs an early dismissal from NEWTech?

The NEWTEch staff and administration are responsible for the well-being of students while they are attending class. If a student must occasionally leave school before the end of a session, the student must obtain permission from their instructor and the main office prior to early dismissal (preferably a day in advance), by submitting the request for early dismissal in one of the following forms:

  • a written note from the parent/guardian
  • a phone call from parent/guardian
  • a parent/guardian face-to-face contact

What is NEWTech's Tardy policy?

Punctuality is emphasized and expected in each program.  Tardiness is a poor employability trait and may prevent job placement opportunities. Excessive tardiness may result in a parent meeting and/or the loss of driving privileges.


  • Arrival to AM shift late up to 8:40 AM (20% or less of instruction missed)
  • Arrival to PM shift late up to 11:55 AM (20% or less of instruction missed)

Students Are Absent if:

  • They do not show up at all (100% of instruction missed)
  • They arrive to AM shift after 8:40 AM (More than 20% of instruction/experience missed)
  • They arrive to PM shift after 11:55 AM (More than 20% of instruction/experience missed)
  • They leave class early 30 minutes or more before their scheduled dismissal

How will my child know how to find their class on the first day of school?

Our instructors will meet their students in our Commons and walk them to their classroom.  Staff will also be available to assist students.

Who should I contact at NEWTech for assistance if my child has an IEP or a 504 Plan?

504 Assistance: Tricia Talbott -

IEP Assistance: Tim Lorentz -

What if my child is struggling in or not enjoying their NEWTech class?

Student support services provides students with a wide range of services aimed at ensuring that each student receives the full benefit of attending NEWTEch. Primary focus of these services is to ensure that students have the academic and technical support necessary for success in the classroom and laboratory/shop, that they receive assistance in making good career choices, and that they continue their education and/or obtain related employment. If your child is struggling they should talk to our counselor, and together they will develop a plan for success.

What if my child changes high schools?

If your child changes high schools while they are enrolled in NEWTech, please let the counselor at the new high school know your child is enrolled in NEWTech.  Please let us know of any changes in high school placement by calling 354-7470.

What if my child is having an issue at NEWTech?

Students/Guardians are encouraged to contact their instructor regarding:

  • Attendance (letting your instructor know you will be late or absent)
  • Grades
  • Personal or academic concerns (in the classroom)

Student/Guardians should contact the NEWTech office for questions regarding:

  • Attendance (excusing absences, concerns about a student’s attendance)
  • Program offerings
  • Enrollment
  • Financial assistance
  • Personal or academic concerns (outside of the classroom or in the classroom that haven’t been resolved after speaking with the instructor)

How do I order my child's program uniform?

Information about program uniform vendors and how to place orders will be posted in the Orientation section of our website on May 15th.

I do not want my child's photo being taken and used in media or school publications, what do I do?

Fill out and submit a Media Opt Out form.

Forms and Documents

Inclement Weather

NEWTech will be delayed/closed in conjunction with the Spokane Public School District.  In the case of a late start there will be no AM shift classes in session. If a sending district/school has a late start, AM shift students from that district/school will not attend NEWTech. If a sending district/school cancels school, the students of that district/school will not attend NEWTech at all that day.  As a courtesy, local radio stations will announce by 6:00 AM, school cancellations, delays and early dismissals due to inclement weather or emergencies.  A call will go out from NEWTech as well. 

Nutrition Services (Breakfast and Lunch Service)

Typically, each NEWTech student's sending high school provides a full selection of nutritional service items for breakfast and lunch.  NEWTech students eat breakfast or lunch prior to arriving at NEWTech.  


Required Supplies

Your NEWTech instructor will share information about the specific supplies you will need for your NEWTech course during the first week of school.  For the first day of class, students should bring something to write with and write on.

Student Email and Digital Tools

Spokane Public Schools offers a wide variety of tools to all NEWTech students for online learning via the Clever portal. Clever is a digital hub of resources that will automatically log users into most programs. Some programs will ask you to log in the first time, and Clever will do it for you after that.

Some of the digital tools included in Clever include:

 Blackboard             Powerschool                Office 365 
Click here to access Clever       

All NEWTech students receive a Microsoft 365 email account which defaults to a restricted permissions setting where students can only send/receive emails within the district.

To let students set their preferences to unrestricted, please sign the authorization form in the back of the student handbook, which will be given out in September.

By using Spokane Public School computers, systems, and networks you are agreeing to be bound by any and all policies, procedures and rules that govern the appropriate use of District resources and specifically Policy 2022 (Electronic Resources) and acknowledge that any violation is cause for disciplinary measures to be taken in accordance to District policies.  If you do not accept these terms, you may not continue to use any District computers, systems and/or network resources.  


Many of our consortium member school districts provide bus transportation to/from NEWTech. Students are expected to utilize their district’s transportation and should only drive personal vehicles if transportation is not provided or there are extenuating circumstances. Students who disrupt or jeopardize the safety of bus transportation are subject to disciplinary action by their sending school or NEWTech and may lose bus-riding privileges.

Bus arrival/departure times are set by the sending school district's transportation department.  A bus schedule will be created and shared with students and guardians.  Here is a link to our draft  Bus Transportation Schedule.

If you have any questions regarding bus pick up/departure times or where the bus pickup location is at your child's high school, you are encouraged to contact your child's sending high school or your district's transportation department.  


Student Drivers

Bus transportation may be provided by each school district to and from NEWTech. Each district has established its own transportation policy. Any student missing the bus will be responsible for arranging their own transportation to the home school.

Students in districts that do not provide transportation will be responsible for arranging their own transportation. The Spokane Transit Authority does have a stop near NEWTech, so exploration of those routes is encouraged.

 Students who are authorized to drive to and from NEWTech must know and observe the following regulations:

  • Student’s must submit a completed Student Driver Permission request form. Vehicles must occupy only one parking space. Cars parked in unauthorized areas may be towed. This will be available the first two weeks of school and can be picked up in our office.

  • Handicapped parking is available in the South parking lot.

  • Student parking must comply with city fire codes: do not block fire lanes around the building.

  • Must follow the 10 mph. speed limit on NEWTECH campus at all times. Speeding or careless driving on NEWTECH grounds or on streets bordering NEWTECH or at the off-campus sites may cause loss of driving privileges and/or further disciplinary actions.

  • Must be responsible for keeping all litter contained in your vehicle. Littering is not permitted on NEWTech’s campus, including the parking lot, the street bordering NEWTech or at any of the off-campus sites.

  • Music must be at a level that will not be disruptive to the educational process. Music should not be able to be heard outside of the student’s vehicle.

  • The parking lot is considered off limits during session hours. Student must gain permission from a staff member prior to going out to the parking lot for any reason during session.

  • Drivers shall always yield the right of way to school busses and pedestrians.

Please click here to access our student driver permission form.

Program Specific Information

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