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North East Washington Technical Skill Center

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Dear Young Professional:

Welcome!  We are thrilled you have made the decision to attend the NEWTech Prep, as either a returning learner or a first year learner. We hope you find this school year to be exciting, challenging, and most of all a rewarding educational experience. Commitment, engagement, and professionalism are the essential keys to success here at the center. We look forward to working together and appreciate you taking the time to read this handbook. It will answer many questions and guide you through our expectations, procedures, and activities. It will also explain the services and benefits NEWTech Prep has to offer.

Your Career & Technical Education (CTE) includes the integration of academics and employability skills for success in Apprenticeship, career, college or military and life –long learning. Your education is a partnership between you, your parents and your instructor. We are proud to have such passionate, skilled trade instructors that have worked many years in their associated trade areas and have countless hours of practical experience performing their crafts prior to becoming instructors. To ensure your success here at NEWTech, please take advantage of their vast knowledge, talents, experience, and industry connections.

NEWTech Prep is recognized for its unique and specialized educational programs. One of only 16 preparatory-level career-technical training centers in Washington State, NEWTech serves juniors and seniors (ages 16-21) from area high schools, private schools, and home school families. NEWTech serves as a core campus for area schools, allowing schools to offer a broader variety of courses, college credits, license preparation, intensive technical skill and career preparation, and industry recognized certifications. Students must remain enrolled in a sending high school or have an Intent to Homeschool document on file in order to be allowed to attend NEWTech. 

Our entire staff here at the NEWTech is committed to supporting you on your learning journey. We welcome and encourage any suggestions you may have to assist us in improving our educational culture and outcomes for our students.

Have a wonderful school year, and please feel free to stop by our office with any questions or concerns.

NEWTech Student Services Team


2023-24 NEWTech Daily Bell Schedule and Yearly Calendar


NEWTech follows the Spokane Public Schools calendar.  If you attend a non-Spokane Public Schools high school, there may be times when your NEWTech class is in session and your sending high school is not in session.  When this occurs, you are expected to attend your NEWTech class.

Spokane Public Schools 2023-24 Calendar

First Day of Classes at NEWTech is tentatively Aug. 31, 2023.

NEWTech Prep 2023-24 Bell Schedule

Shift Time
Passing Time 7:55 AM - 8:10 AM
AM Shift 8:10 AM - 10:40 AM
Break with Passing Time 10:40 AM - 11:25 AM
PM Shift 11:25 AM - 1:55 PM
Passing Time 1:55 PM - 2:05 PM

Adult Status for Students

Students do not automatically receive adult status when they turn 18.  Students wishing to obtain adult status (to excuse absences, sign themselves out of class, etc.) must first obtain adult status from their home high school.  An administrator or designee must email our Assistant Director, Patrick Lenihan patrickl@spokaneschools.org informing him adult status has been granted.  



NEWTech follows an attendance policy similar to business and industry in that a student is considered an employee or a professional and is expected to be in full daily attendance in order to assure that maximum learning and productivity are achieved.

All program instructors maintain the standards and attendance expectations for their programs. These standards teach what employers expect of their employees:

  • Being dependable – Students are expected to be at school/work every day.

  • Being on time - Students are expected to be prompt, not late, and ready to work.

  • Doing a full day's work – Students are expected to stay on task, not leaving early or stopping work early, but completing what is expected and putting materials away.

Programs at NEWTech include numerous hands-on skills which can be attained only by being in attendance. After the instructor presents and demonstrates a skill, students are given the opportunity to practice the skill. The skill application and practice in the shop or lab setting is critical to skill competency. The more the student is in attendance, the more they will learn and gain from the program. NEWTech classes meet for 2.5 hrs each day.  Missing one day at NEWTech is like missing three class periods at the sending high school. 

NEWTech Absence Notification Procedures

When possible, the parent/guardian is expected to notify the school office on the morning of the absence by phone, e-mail, or written note and to provide the excuse for the absence. If no excuse is provided with the notification, or no notification is provided, the parent/guardian will submit an excuse via phone, e-mail, or written note upon the student’s return to school.

NEWTech Absence Notification Procedures
STEP 1: Student Responsibility- Just as you would in the workplace, students at NEWTech may be asked to contact their instructor (supervisor) if the student will be absent. Students can contact your instructor by either email or phone, just as you would for a job, and explain your absence to the instructor. (EXAMPLE: Good morning Ms. Sanford, this is Geneva. I am sick and will be absent today. I plan to be back at school tomorrow). 

STEP 2: Parent/Guardian Responsibility - A parent MUST report an absence by phone, e-mail, or written note. Absences MUST be reported to both the student home school and to NEWTech separately.

NEWTech Prep 24 hr Attendance Line: (509) 354-7400

Conflict Days (School-Required Release): School-required releases are arranged by the sending high school.  Typically, these are for inclement-weather and state mandated testing. Conflict days are when your high school is closed, on early dismissal, or late arrival and NEWTech is in session. Students are expected to follow NEWTech’s calendar and bell schedule for attendance. Unless otherwise notified, bus times remain unchanged on conflict days. Parents are asked to arrange transportation to and from the high school and home. Should transportation arrangements not be available, students must bring a note from the parent or guardian to that effect.

Students that are going to miss three or more consecutive days of school should fill a Notification of Absence form, available in the NEWTech office and online at www.ConnectWithNEWTech.com



  • Arrival to AM shift late up to 8:40 AM (20% or less of instruction missed)

  • Arrival to PM shift late up to 11:55 AM (20% or less of instruction missed)


Students Are Absent if:

  • They do not show up at all (100% of instruction missed)

  • They arrive to AM shift after 8:40 AM (More than 20% of instruction/experience missed)

  • They arrive to PM shift after 11:55 AM (More than 20% of instruction/experience missed)

  • They leave class early 30 minutes or more before their scheduled dismissal



Students who have appointments or need to leave school early must sign out in the main office and have permission from a parent/guardian before leaving campus, i.e., signed-out in the main office by a parent/guardian, a note from a parent/guardian, or a phone call from a parent/guardian to the main office (509) 354-7470.


Students are expected to be in their classrooms promptly at the start of each shift and be ready to begin class. Students not in their classrooms will be considered tardy. Those not in the classroom within 30 minutes of the start will be considered absent. Students arriving late to NEWTech must report to the office to sign.

Care of School Property by Students

A student or his or her parent or guardian will be responsible for the cost of replacing textbooks, materials or property which is lost or willfully damaged. A student's grades, transcripts, and/or diploma may be withheld until payment is made or a waiver is granted for lost items. A student’s grades, transcripts, and/or diploma may be withheld until restitution is made by payment of monetary damages for items willfully damaged. If the student and parent or guardian are unable to pay for the damages, the district will provide a program of voluntary work for the student in lieu of the payment of monetary damages. Upon payment or completion of voluntary work, the grades, diploma, and transcripts of the student shall be released.

Character Development

NEWTech Prep will work in partnership with parents to maintain learning and work environments that support the character development of its students. Character development will reflect and reinforce character and civic values such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, hard work, and respect for others.

Parents, students, and the school community will work together to teach, promote, and model ethical behavior reinforcing community values. NEWTech Prep will reflect and reinforce positive character traits that embody community values and promote principles of fairness and justice.

NEWTech Prep opposes harassment of employees and students. This form of misconduct will not be tolerated. Disciplinary actions will be enforced against any student engaging in harassment.

Checking Grades and Attendance

General: Student information including grades and attendance are accessible via Spokane Public School District’s online Powerschool system. You will receive personalized login and password information after the beginning of school. Students and parent/guardians can easily access up-to-date information by logging on and following the steps listed below.

Attention Spokane Public School parents and students: you will use your regular Powerschool login to view NEWTech grades and attendance.

Attention all non Spokane Public School parents and students: your Powerschool userid and password and information about setting up and accessing your NEWTech Powerschool account will be sent  to you during the first month of school.

Attention Mead and Central Valley School District parents and students: the userid and password for NEWTECH is different from the userid and password used to access Mead and Central Valley School District's PowerSchool. The two programs do not communicate with each other; a separate user-id and password is required. Also, you will need to log in to PowerSchool through NEWTECH's website (see below).

Click here to access Powerschool: 

If you ever have any questions about your child’s grade or progress, you should contact your child’s NEWTech instructor

Call 509.354.7400 to report an absence

Current Juniors Who Want to Return to NEWTech as Seniors

Current NEWTech Juniors who would like to return to NEWTech their senior year need to:

  1. Complete and submit a 2023-24 Enrollment Application (available January 2023)

  2. Earn at least an 80% for their semester grade in their current NEWTech program

  3. Receive a recommendation from their current NEWTech instructor

          - Click here to view the 2nd Year  Candidate Evaluation Form used by their instructor to assess whether or not students will be recommended to return their senior year.

Dress Code and Program Uniforms

Since NEWTech teaches employability skills and grades students on the acquisition of these skills daily, students are expected to dress in the appropriate attire for career development (the Program's uniform). A student’s grade may be affected if the instructor deems their attire is inappropriate for the workplace. In order to ensure safe and orderly classroom operation, the following guidelines have been established: Protective clothing (as required by per the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act) shall also be worn.

As part of our simulated workplace model, each NEWTech program has a required professional uniform.  Program uniforms cost between $50 and $120.  Throughout the school year - there might be ‘dress down’ or ‘casual Fridays’ when students do not have to wear their professional uniform.  Otherwise, students are expected to wear their professional uniform every day.


If you are on free or reduced lunch and need assistance with paying uniform fees, please visit with Lisa Gonzalez in our Administration office.



Click here for NEWTech Program Uniform Information

On ‘dress down’ or ‘casual Fridays' please note the following items are not permitted:

  • Any article of clothing, style of grooming, or behavior that displays or promotes the use of illicit drugs, profanity, tobacco products, lewd or obscene behavior, alcohol, or the degradation of human character.

  • Any clothing, grooming, or behavior that symbolizes, represents, or exhibits gang -related activity or hatred toward another person or group.

  • Pajamas or slippers.

  • Hoodies may not be worn indoors.


What should I do if my child is going to be absent from NEWTech?

In order to excuse an absence, the student must obtain a parental/guardian excuse within 2 days. This can be done via parent/guardian note or phone call to 354-7400.

What should I do if my child needs an early dismissal from NEWTech?

The NEWTEch staff and administration are responsible for the well-being of students while they are attending class. If a student must occasionally leave school before the end of a session, the student must obtain permission from their instructor and the main office prior to early dismissal (preferably a day in advance), by submitting the request for early dismissal in one of the following forms:

  • a written note from the parent/guardian
  • a phone call from parent/guardian
    Please call (509)354-7470
  • a parent/guardian face-to-face contact

What is NEWTech's Tardy policy?

Punctuality is emphasized and expected in each program.  Tardiness is a poor employability trait and may prevent job placement opportunities. Excessive tardiness may result in a parent meeting and/or the loss of driving privileges.


  • Arrival to AM shift late up to 8:40 AM (20% or less of instruction missed)
  • Arrival to PM shift late up to 11:55 AM (20% or less of instruction missed)

Students Are Absent if:

  • They do not show up at all (100% of instruction missed)
  • They arrive to AM shift after 8:40 AM (More than 20% of instruction/experience missed)
  • They arrive to PM shift after 11:55 AM (More than 20% of instruction/experience missed)
  • They leave class early 30 minutes or more before their scheduled dismissal

How will my child know how to find their class on the first day of school?

Our instructors will meet their students in our Commons and walk them to their classroom.  Staff will also be available to assist students.

Who should I contact at NEWTech for assistance if my child has an IEP or a 504 Plan?

504 Assistance: Tricia Talbott - PatriciaT@spokaneschools.org

IEP Assistance: Byron Harris -  

What if my child is struggling in or not enjoying their NEWTech class?

Student support services provides students with a wide range of services aimed at ensuring that each student receives the full benefit of attending NEWTEch. Primary focus of these services is to ensure that students have the academic and technical support necessary for success in the classroom and laboratory/shop, that they receive assistance in making good career choices, and that they continue their education and/or obtain related employment. If your child is struggling they should talk to our counselor, and together they will develop a plan for success.

What if my child changes high schools?

If your child changes high schools while they are enrolled in NEWTech, please let the counselor at the new high school know your child is enrolled in NEWTech.  Please let us know of any changes in high school placement by calling 354-7470.

What if my child is having an issue at NEWTech?

Students/Guardians are encouraged to contact their instructor regarding:

  • Attendance (letting your instructor know you will be late or absent)
  • Grades
  • Personal or academic concerns (in the classroom)

Student/Guardians should contact the NEWTech office for questions regarding:

  • Attendance (excusing absences, concerns about a student’s attendance)
  • Program offerings
  • Enrollment
  • Financial assistance
  • Personal or academic concerns (outside of the classroom or in the classroom that haven’t been resolved after speaking with the instructor)

How do I order my child's program uniform?

Information about program uniform vendors is available on our website.

I do not want my child's photo being taken and used in media or school publications, what do I do?

Fill out and submit a Media Opt Out form.

Forms and Documents

Hard copies of the following forms are available in our office.

Student Driver Permission Form

Free and Reduced Meal Application

Extended Pre-Arranged Student Absence Form
Used when students will miss 3 or more days of school

Procedure for students to obtain adult status

Media Opt Out Form


Grading and Equivalency Credit

GENERAL: NEWTech grades are earned twice per year, semester 1 and semester 2 and forwarded to each home high school. Students may receive up to three (3) high school credits per year.

Grading categories include, at a minimum, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Attain identified knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as industry standards

  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of related theory

  • Demonstrate attainment of the 21st Century Skills

  • Overall quality of work

  • Adherence to ALL safety rules and expectations

Standards-based (Competency) grading aligned to Spokane Public Schools grading scale:

 grading scale


Each instructor establishes percentage guidelines, which are proportioned to the curriculum they teach. The instructor will explain the details to the students.

Typically the following areas are assessed:

Knowledge/Theory: This portion of the grade is typically composed of average points from assignments and tests

Skills/Lab/Shop: This portion is typically composed of technical competencies and lab/shop projects.

Employability/Professionalism: These scores will be typically derived from a combination of attendance, professional appearance and conduct, safety, and cleanup responsibilities and leadership

Your program's course syllabus includes specific details related to classroom grading practices.

EQUIVALENCY CREDIT: Many NEWTech programs offer equivalency credit.  Equivalency credit is the awarding of credit, typically math or science, toward a high school academic course required or graduation. Students who earn a passing grade at the end of 1st and 2nd semester in their NEWTech program (s) will automatically earn .5 equivalency credit for each semester they passed. The credit is subject to the student’s home high school counselor’s review and approval. Equivalency credits may not meet 4-year college entrance requirements.

A list of available college and equivalency credit, by NEWTech program, is available by clicking here.

NON-PERFORMANCE IN CLASS: Attending NEWTech is a privilege and students are expected to have excellent attendance, fully participate, and complete all work above at least a C level. Students who do little or no work in classes, do not complete assigned homework, fail to regularly bring materials to classes, or otherwise fail to make an effort to achieve academically, may be subject to disciplinary action, including removal from NEWTech.

Grading Periods

Grades will be sent directly to the home high school by our Registrar. 

First Quarter: August 31 to November 3

Second Quarter: November 6 to January 26

Third Quarter: February 5 to April 12

Fourth Quarter: April 15 to June 14

Guidance Services

Any student who has a concern, whether it’s in regards to educational, personal, or social emotional concerns, may utilize the services of our counselor at the NEWTech, Tricia Talbott.

Tricia works very closely with the home high school counselors to assist each student enrolled in aNEWTech program and to ensure that each student receives the attention he/she deserves to meet his/her educational and career goals.

Tricia Talbott is located in room 119 and can be reached via email at: PatriciaT@spokaneschools.org

Students who need assistance with job placement should contact our Worksite/Apprenticeship Coordinators:


Marie Miller 
Location: 121
email: MarieM@spokaneschools.org

Inclement Weather/School Closing

NEWTech will be delayed/closed in conjunction with the Spokane Public School District.  In the case of a late start there will be no AM shift classes in session. If a sending district/school has a late start, AM shift students from that district/school will not attend NEWTech. If a sending district/school cancels school, the students of that district/school will not attend NEWTech at all that day.  As a courtesy, local radio stations will announce by 6:00 AM, school cancellations, delays and early dismissals due to inclement weather or emergencies.  A call will go out from NEWTech as well. 

Lab/Shop Safety



Personal safety for students in our schools is of utmost concern to the NEWTech Prep administrators and instructors. For this reason, we are requiring you to observe the following safety rules that have been developed for your protection. 

  1. Accident prevention must be and is the most important responsibility of each teacher. Uniform standards are set by teachers, uniformly applied and enforced, and can help prevent accidents in school. They can also prepare the students to learn and practice good safety habits when entering their chosen occupation. 

  2. Once these practices are learned they will remain constant for any and all program areas which involve power equipment, tools, and hazardous materials.

  3. It is the intent of the Safety Code to establish firm and measurable requirements applying only to safety. 


  1. Each student must be physically capable of meeting the safety requirements of the specific program in which he/she is enrolled. Each program will have a list of specific safety requirements that must be met in that technical area and follow posted lab safety directions.

  2. Students who are creating hazards and causing unsafe acts either by their conduct or by not conforming to safety standards may be removed from the program area by the teacher. They will not return to the program until they have completed a Plan for Improvement.

  3. Teachers who witness any unsafe act have the authority to immediately correct the violation in order to prevent a possible accident. 

  4. Teachers have authority to enforce additional safety rules that are necessary for the safety of students.


Dress standards for each NEWTech Prep  program shall be consistent with the standards of the industry or business for which the student is training. This includes presenting a professional image to future employers of NEWTech Prep graduates, as well as current and future customers. Dress or appearance must not present a health or safety hazard. Protective clothing (as required by WISHA) shall be worn.

Body Protection

  1. Protective clothing (coveralls, scrubs, aprons, etc.) will be worn as prescribed in specific programs. 
  2. Protective clothing will be kept in good repair. It must be laundered weekly.
  1. Rings, wristwatches, bracelets, dangling necklaces, etc., will not be worn while operating machines and equipment.

Foot Protection

  1. Appropriate foot protection will be addressed for each program and must be worn while performing lab duties.

  2. Additional protective foot covering may be required in specific shop areas.

Eye Protection

  1. If a student is involved in a program of a hazardous nature (per WISHA code), the student must wear appropriate industrial-quality eye protective devices.  Safety glasses with Z87 rating or face shields will be worn at all times during lab/working hours. (Shaded safety glasses are not permitted. Joint use of glasses will not be permitted. Normal eye glasses are not considered safety glasses unless they are purchased as “Safety Glasses.”

Head Protection

  1. Use a hair net if required.

  2. Wear hair nets, caps, or other head covering that completely covers the hair at all times, while the student is physically present in an operating lab.

  3. Tie hair back so it is out of the face of the student and clear of any work area.

  4.  Hard hats must Be worn:

     (a) Where students are exposed to hazards  that could cause a head injury.

             Examples of this type of hazard include
             (i) Flying or propelled objects.
             (ii) Falling objects or materials.

    (b) Where students are working around or under scaffolds or other overhead structures


  1. Hearing Protection
    1. Approved hearing protection devices such as plastic or wax inserts, or sound barrier ear muffs will be worn as required in specific shops or while performing certain operations. 

    2. In programs where hearing protection is required, students will be issued a pair of plastic inserts at the beginning of the school year.

    3. Due to the possibility of spreading infection and disease, sharing inserts will not be permitted.



    1. No student will operate any power tool or machine until he/she has been given instructions, has satisfactorily passed a prescribed safety test, and demonstrated to the instructor that he/she is able to operate the equipment in a safe, acceptable manner. 

    2. Accident prevention must be the first and foremost responsibility in all program areas. Unsafe tools, machines, practices, or unsafe conditions will be promptly reported and provisions will be made to correct these conditions.

    3. Students will not remove machine
      guards from any equipment or machinery.

    4. Conversation between machine or equipment operators and other students when machines are running is strictly prohibited.

    5. Good “housekeeping” in the shop area is required. All scrap, litter and tools will be kept picked up to help prevent an accident.

    6. Safety films, posters, lectures, and demonstrations will be used in the shop accident prevention programs.

    7. Safety inspections will be made by faculty at frequent intervals.

    8. All accidents must be reported at once to the instructor.  Accident reports will be completed immediately if possible and the instructor will accompany the student to the Main Office if necessary.

    9. The Main Office will at all times have on hand a member of the faculty or administration who is trained in first aid for serious injuries and who will call for medical assistance, if necessary. 

    10. If in the event of an emergency, it is necessary for the shop teacher to leave the shop area, the following actions will be taken:
      1. All power machines will be shut off. (From a central power source, if possible.)

      2. Students will be told that the teacher is leaving.  Another staff member will be assigned to the class during the teacher’s absence.

Any accident or injury during class must be reported immediately to the instructor, no matter how minor the injury may seem to be. No injury is minor and every incident must be documented.



Make-up Work

A reasonable amount of time shall be allowed for students with excused absences, including short-term suspensions, to make up work missed.

If a student has missed an assignment because of an excused absence, they are to approach the instructor and ask for the missed assignment on the day of return. Students must work with their instructor in order to determine due dates for work missed because of absence(s).

Students with unexcused absences may not have the opportunity to make up work.


Plagiarism Policy

Cheating/plagiarism is defined as an action done by a student: to supply work for another student; turn in work done by another student; use work from another student; rely on work that is not his/her own; knowingly give/allow another student to use or benefit from their personal work other than in circumstances clearly understood to involve collaborative or group learning; to copy and paste written works from the internet, or copy from books without proper credit being given to the original author.

In the first instance of cheating, the student will receive an F grade for assignment/assessment. Subsequent cheating may result in an F in the class and possible removal from NEWTech Prep. A student may be disciplined at a more severe level if the behavior warrants skipping the first step. Any student found using an electronic device during testing (without specific teacher permission) will be disciplined for cheating. The judgment of the teacher or staff member who discovers cheating/plagiarism is final.

Post Secondary Articulation

Post-secondary articulation is a partnership between colleges or technical schools. The purpose of this partnership is to provide students a career pathway from NEWTech Prep to a college degree, certificate, or apprenticeship. It is done with an articulation agreement between NEWTech Prep and the college that allows students to receive college level credit for completed coursework at NEWTech Prep. Students who successfully complete their coursework at NEWTech may earn college credit if it is available in their NEWTech Program. Students will receive the college credits upon admission to the articulated college or technical school.

2023-24 NEWTech Program & Credit Information


Nutrition Services (Breakfast and Lunch Service)

Typically, each NEWTech student's sending high school provides a full selection of nutritional service items for breakfast and lunch.  NEWTech students eat breakfast or lunch prior to arriving at NEWTech.  

 NEWTech is a closed campus.

Students may not order beverages or food to be delivered at NEWTech.

Required Supplies

Staff Directory

Student Behavioral Expectations and Supports for Employability

Our expectations are based on the belief that all students can learn, all students should be responsible for their own behavior and academic performance, and that students, parents, and staff should work together for the success of all.

NEWTech Prep has a very different focus than other high school programs. Our primary goal is to prepare students for a successful transition to the workplace. Therefore, NEWTech Prep expects students to conduct themselves in the same manner as successful employees. Attending NEWTech is a privilege, and we expect students to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times. Keep in mind, if a behavior will get you fired from a job, it will most likely get you fired from NEWTech Prep.

Employees lose jobs, not from lack of ability and skill, but as a result of poor self-discipline and attitude. NEWTech Prep will help students develop and reinforce the self-control, orderliness, respect, and efficiency necessary to maintain a positive attitude, self-discipline, and effectiveness as a person and as an employee.

Supports and Intervention Options

  • Collaborative problem solving

        When a student engages in challenging behavior, a trained school staff member can use the collaborative problem-solving process to identify the specific issues that are precipitating the behavior, articulate the adult concerns about the behavior, and engage the student in a collaborative process to address the underlying reasons for the behavior and decide upon a plan of action that is both realistic and mutually acceptable to both.

  • Community service

       Community service allows students to develop skills, make restitution and engage in real-life solutions to help our community.

  • Conflict resolution

       Conflict resolution facilitates resolutions between two or more disputants. Students actively listen and talk through an issue or conflict directly with those with whom they disagree to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution.

  • Development of Plan for Success

       The student, teacher and administrator collaboratively create a written contract that includes objectives and the specific performance tasks that the student will accomplish to meet those objectives.

  • Guidance conference

    A conference is held with the student and, where appropriate, with the parent. The purpose of the conference is to review the behavior, find solutions to the problem and address academic, personal, and social issues that might have caused or contributed to the behavior.

  • Loss of Privledge to Attend NEWTech Prep

       Attending NEWTech is a privilege, and we expect students to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times. Keep in mind, if a behavior will get you fired from a job, it will most likely get you fired from NEWTech Prep.

  • Mentoring

       Students may be matched with a mentor/coach or a mentoring program in order to work with a counselor, teacher, student, and/or administrator for personal, academic, and social development.

  • Parent Outreach

       School staff should keep parents informed of their child’s behavior and enlist parents as partners in addressing areas of concern. Outreach to parents can include, but is not limited to, a phone call and/or written communication.

  • Referral to appropriate substance abuse counseling services

       The DAT (drug/alcohol/ tobacco) classes are usually  offered at Rogers and Shadle Park HS


  • Referral to MTSS team

    We use a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to connect students to interventions based on individual need.

    • Tier 1: Students are taught school-wide expectations and receive core academic instruction using a research-based core comprehensive curriculum in all areas.

    • Tier 2: Students who do not achieve benchmarks, or are not responding to universal supports, are provided additional evidence-based interventions beyond the core curriculum.

    • Tier 3: A small percentage of students require more intense instruction or support beyond the interventions in Tier 2 because they have not shown progress.

  • Restorative practices

       Using restorative practices to foster positive interpersonal and intergroup relations—and to address inappropriate behavior when it occurs—is a cornerstone of a progressive approach to discipline. Restorative practices include collaborative negotiation, circle process, peer mediation, conflict resolution, and formal restorative conferencing. 


  1. No student will bring harm to himself/herself or to others including the expression of personal prejudices against an individual or group.

  2. No student will disrupt the learning-teaching process.

  3. All students will follow the instructions of the staff, first time, every time.

  4. All students will respect the rights and property of others.

  5. All students will know and obey the rules and policies of NEWTech Prep.

The above responsibilities apply to all students attending NEWTech programs or events, both on and off campus, or while being transported on school district sponsored transportation.

Initial Response(s)

When a student experiences difficulty or engages in inappropriate behavior, the teacher contacts the parent and, depending on the nature and severity of the behavior and previous infractions, takes one or more of the following steps:
  • has a conference with the student (and possibly the parent)
  • Suspends certian class privileges

  • Excludes the student from a particular activity

  • Assigns 'community service' in the class

  • refers the student to a school counselor or the MTSS team

  • refers the student to an administrator

The teacher will document all interventions and communication in Powerschool

The following infractions are considered egregious and will result in a referral to an administrator upon the first occurrence of such behavior.  The student’s placement at NEWTech Prep will be reviewed and, in most cases, the student will lose their privilege to continue to attend NEWTech (returns to home high school for full day).

  • assault

  • bomb threats/false alarms

  • drug/narcotic – possession, use of/under influence/distribution

  • extortion

  • fighting

  • gang-related activities

  • harassment, intimidation and bullying

  • theft

  • threats of destruction

  • threats of harm to self/others

  • vandalism

  • verbal abuse of staff or students

  • vulgar and lewd conduct

  • weapon – possession/control of – gun, knife or other dangerous items

Student Drivers and Parking Permits

Bus transportation may be provided by each school district to and from NEWTech. Each district has established its own transportation policy. Any student missing the bus will be responsible for arranging their own transportation to the home school.

Students in districts that do not provide transportation will be responsible for arranging their own transportation. The Spokane Transit Authority does have a stop near NEWTech, so exploration of those routes is encouraged.

 Students who are authorized to drive to and from NEWTech must know and observe the following regulations:

  • Students must submit a completed Student Driver Permission request form. Vehicles must occupy only one parking space. Cars parked in unauthorized areas may be towed. This will be available the first two weeks of school and can be picked up in our office.

  • Handicapped parking is available in the South parking lot.

  • Student parking must comply with city fire codes: do not block fire lanes around the building.

  • Must follow the 10 mph. speed limit on NEWTECH campus at all times. Speeding or careless driving on NEWTECH grounds or on streets bordering NEWTECH or at the off-campus sites may cause loss of driving privileges and/or further disciplinary actions.

  • Must be responsible for keeping all litter contained in your vehicle. Littering is not permitted on NEWTech’s campus, including the parking lot, the street bordering NEWTech or at any of the off-campus sites.

  • Music must be at a level that will not be disruptive to the educational process. Music should not be able to be heard outside of the student’s vehicle.

  • The parking lot is considered off limits during session hours. Student must gain permission from a staff member prior to going out to the parking lot for any reason during session.

  • Drivers shall always yield the right of way to school busses and pedestrians.

Our Student Driver Permission form is being updated for 2024-25.  We will email a copy when the update is completed. 

2024-25 NEWTech Parking Permits (stickers) have been ordered.  We anticipate them arriving by mid-August.  After they are delivered, we will send out information about where/when students can come in and get their NEWTech Prep Parking Permit.  There is no fee for the parking permit.  When the parking permit is issued to the student, we will need to make a copy of the student's Driver's License and proof of Automobile Insurance.  A parking permit will not be issued without these two documents.

Student Email and Digital Tools

Spokane Public Schools offers a wide variety of tools to all NEWTech students for online learning via the Clever portal. Clever is a digital hub of resources that will automatically log users into most programs. Some programs will ask you to log in the first time, and Clever will do it for you after that.

Some of the digital tools included in Clever include:

 Blackboard             Powerschool                Office 365 
Click here to access Clever       

All NEWTech students receive a Microsoft 365 email account which defaults to a restricted permissions setting where students can only send/receive emails within the district.

To let students set their preferences to unrestricted, please sign the authorization form in the back of the student handbook, which will be given out in September.

By using Spokane Public School computers, systems, and networks you are agreeing to be bound by any and all policies, procedures and rules that govern the appropriate use of District resources and specifically Policy 2022 (Electronic Resources) and acknowledge that any violation is cause for disciplinary measures to be taken in accordance to District policies.  If you do not accept these terms, you may not continue to use any District computers, systems and/or network resources.  


Many of our consortium member school districts provide bus transportation to/from NEWTech. Students are expected to utilize their district’s transportation and should only drive personal vehicles if transportation is not provided or there are extenuating circumstances. Students who disrupt or jeopardize the safety of bus transportation are subject to disciplinary action by their sending school or NEWTech and may lose bus-riding privileges.

Bus arrival/departure times are set by the sending school district's transportation department.  A bus schedule will be created and shared with students and guardians. 

If you have any questions regarding bus pick up/departure times or where the bus pickup location is at your child's high school, you are encouraged to contact your child's sending high school or your district's transportation department.  


Vocational/CTE Annual Non-Discrimination Notification

NEWTech Prep does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, disability, or age in its program or activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated your groups.  NEWTech Prep offers classes in many career and technical education program areas such as Business and Marketing, Health Sciences, Skilled Trades, Family and Consumer Sciences under its open admissions policy.  For more information about CTE course offerings and admissions criteria, contact Patrick Lenihan, NEWTech Prep Assistant Director, 4141 N. Regal St., Spokane WA 99207, 509-354-7412 or Tricia Talbot, NEWTech Prep Counselor, 4141 N. Regal St., Spokane WA 99207, 509-354-7463.  Lack of English language proficiency will not be a barrier to admission and participation in career and technical education programs. 

The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:

  • Civil Rights Coordinator and Title IX Coordinator: Jodi Harmon, 509.354.7344 
  • Section 504 Coordinator: Melanie Smith, 509.354.7284

Other district contacts:

  • ADA Officer: Stephanie Busch, 509.354.5993
  • Affirmative Action Officer: Nancy Lopez-Williams, 509-354-5651
  • AHERA Officer: Bob Turner, 509.354.7143
  • ALE Officer: Heather Bybee, 509.354.7361
  • Certification Officer: Cindy Coleman, 509.354.7318
  • Claims Agent: Rebecca Doughty, 509.354.7298
  • Contract Officer: Cindy Coleman, 509.354.7318
  • Copyright Compliance Officer: Mark Martell, 509.354.7212
  • Equal Opportunity Officer: Nancy Lopez-Williams, 509-354-5651
  • Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)/Student Civil Rights Officer: Melanie Smith, 509.354.7284
  • Personnel Officer: Nancy Lopez-Williams, 509-354-5651
  • Public Records Officer: Terri LeFors, 509.354.7395
  • Safety/OSHA/WISHA Officer: Rebecca Doughty, 509.354.7298
  • Secretary, Board of Directors: Adam Swinyard, 509.354.7268
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