Class of 2020 Information

  • Community support: Business, media and government leaders from across Spokane County are teaming up to support the Class of 2020.

    Part one of this coalition's efforts is the launch of, where you can buy Class of 2020 t-shirts, water bottles, PopSockets and more. How else will they be celebrating seniors? Wait and see!

  • Credit Requirements

    UPDATED APRIL 27: Secondary students will be graded using the letter grades A-D or incomplete.

    • Every class taken during the closure period will be given a statewide designator on the high school transcript to denote the unique COVID-19 environment in which the course was taken.
    • Beginning May 22, high school seniors may apply to their school principal for a credit waiver or grade appeal.
    • Assignment of an incomplete reflects the need for the student to recover the learning opportunity.
    • Due to the limited opportunity for seniors to engage in activities to recover learning, the use of a waiver is an appropriate option.

    Find more on secondary grading here.

    Graduation Requirements (Class of 2020)

    • Students may access the SPS High School Diploma (22 credits) and the Career Ready Diploma (20 credits). Additional credits may be waived with approval of your principal.
    • Competency-based credit opportunities should be considered for students at risk of failing a class.
    • Graduation Pathways: Seniors may access the Expedited Appeals Waiver or complete one of the eight Graduation Pathways. Seniors with IEPs may earn a Certificate of Individual Achievement by passing certain tests. Contact your counselor for more information.
    • High School and Beyond Plans: Seniors are still required to complete their HSBP. Given the emergency closure, the high school principal will determine how these will be completed. Contact your counselor for more information.


    Running Start


    Spring Quarter classes began at SCC and SFCC on Monday, April 13. All classes will be online for the Spring 2020 quarter. Students must log into Canvas on April 13 and participate in their classes. If students do not interact in the online classroom, they may be dropped from the course for non-participation. Staff are available to assist students who experience issues accessing their online courses.

    Needs? If any Running Start students do not have technology or other resources needed to access their online courses, please reach out to the Running Start offices. 

    • Textbooks: All textbooks can be purchased online through the college bookstore. Shipping costs are waived for all students for Spring. Students who receive a textbook voucher can apply the voucher to their online order at checkout. 
    • Technology: Students can apply for Emergency Aid  online through the CCS Foundation to help purchase technology for online courses. If students need help completing the form, they can reach out to our offices and we will walk them through the application. 




    COVID-19 information, updated in real time

    • Advising: will all be via Zoom for spring Still accepting applications, 3.0 GPA automatically admitted, 2.8 in place of SAT/ACT we are now accepting with a letter of recommendation from teacher/counselor. Placements test for Math and English placement done online.
    • All previously scheduled April/May events have been suspended.
    • Book loan: (for our free and/or reduced students)

    College Admissions

    The Washington State Council of Presidents and Independent Colleges pledged their flexibility in grading practices and college admission standards in a joint letter.

    Information from the Washington Student Achievement Council:

    • Some colleges are modifying admissions requirements:
      • Many colleges have extended the deadline to officially decide where you plan to enroll. Many have also extended the deadline to make deposits.
      • Some campuses have gone test-optional, meaning you do not have to submit scores from standardized tests like SAT and ACT.
    • If someone in your family has lost a job or is working less, colleges may be able to provide more financial aid:
      • If you’ve already filed a 2020-21 FAFSA or WASFA, talk to the financial aid office about your situation.
      • If you haven’t applied for financial aid, it’s not too late. Submit your application, then follow up with the college.
    • Many colleges are offering virtual campus tours you can do online from home.
    • Remember, it’s not too late to apply! Many of Washington’s four-year public and private, not-for-profit colleges and universities are still accepting applications for fall 2020.

    Graduation Ceremonies

    Given the uncertainty with the timeline of the governor's order and social distancing guidelines that restrict events that gather large groups of people, each high school is producing a senior graduation video to celebrate the class of 2020. Some schools are planning to film each graduate individually in cap and gown walking across a stage scheduled at a specific time on the original ceremony date. Principals are communicating to seniors regarding their school’s plan.

    Senior graduation videos will feature some of the traditional aspects of the graduation ceremony and will ensure each graduate is highlighted. Videos will be distributed to graduates and families upon completion. We are also working to partner with a local TV network to broadcast the graduation videos. We will provide more details as soon as they are available.

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