Expectations for Learning: Elementary

  • What is my elementary student expected to do?

    • Check Office 365 email at the beginning of each week to review the weekly learning plan, class directions, and calendar for the week.
    • Complete daily work assigned by teachers. Most teachers will use the SPS Connect 5 Learning plan, and will provide directions for students on how to submit work for feedback and grading.
    • Make an effort to attend the weekly live session hosted by the classroom teacher.
    • View any recorded videos available online or television (KSPS) that are assigned.

    How much time should my elementary student be working each day?

    Spokane Public Schools is using the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI) guidelines for recommended learning minutes for each grade level. Weekly learning plans are based on the following:

    • Pre-K: 30 minutes per day
    • Grades K-1: 45 minutes per day
    • Grades 2-3: 60 minutes per day
    • Grades 4-6: 90 minutes per day

    Enrichment opportunities in addition to OSPI’s guidelines may be provided. Compassion, common sense and communication challenges will be considered when assigning learning opportunities beyond the guidelines. 

  • Will my elementary student be graded?

    Yes, students will be graded on work assigned by teachers. Elementary students will continue to be graded on a 1-4 scale. Similar to normal circumstances, teachers will use their professional judgement to provide feedback and grades, and when necessary, will modify grades based on the extenuating circumstances that may be experienced by students due to the school closure. Teachers will keep student equity as a primary focus considering the significant impact of the school closure on vulnerable populations. Compassion, common sense and communication challenges will be considered when making decisions about negative impacts to students’ grades.  

    Students will still receive a final report card at the end of the second semester. Teachers will use their professional judgement to determine what content students will be graded on.


    Will there be live virtual sessions with elementary teachers?

    Yes, classroom teachers will offer a live virtual session for 30 minutes each week. Teachers will share the schedule for the live session in their weekly communication to students. The live virtual sessions will take place in the morning on Microsoft Teams, and will focus on student wellbeing and social emotional learning. Teachers may also use this time for providing academic help to students as needed.


    Will teachers provide new content to elementary students?

    Yes, student work will focus on review and new learning relative to the most important learning objectives for the semester. Teachers will use their professional judgement to decide what learning is most critical for students. All staff will keep student equity as a primary focus considering the significant impact of the school closure on vulnerable populations. Staff will prioritize the social emotional needs of students, while also working to provide continuous learning.


    What digital tools will students be using?

    Elementary students should log in to Clever, which is accessible from the SPS website. Clever is a platform that gives access to all digital tools using one username and password. Logging into Clever will sign students into Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and elementary curriculum. Virtual meetings will be held using Microsoft Teams. Elementary Learning Plans contain links that will send students directly to assigned digital curriculum.


    What should I do if my student is not working?

    This is a difficult adjustment for everyone, and some students may struggle. Please contact your student’s teacher or counselor to discuss strategies for supporting students.

    How will my student with an IEP receive Special Education services?

    Each student in Special Education will have a Continuity of Services Learning Plan developed by their IEP team. These plans will outline the Special Education services provided during the closure. These weekly services will be modified from the student’s current IEP to reflect distance learning guidelines recommended by OSPI. Suggested activities include:

    • Consultation services
    • SPS digital tools through Clever
    • Weekly packets
    • Provide visual schedules and home routines
    • Teletherapy
    • Tutoring via phone, or virtual

    How will my student’s IEP/Move-up/Evaluation meetings take place during the closure?

    The district will continue to hold IEP meetings as long as all members of the team, including the parents, are able to participate remotely. Parents who would like to wait until it is safe to hold a meeting in person may request that the meeting be placed on hold until school resumes.

    Special education evaluations will continue as long as no in-person testing is required to complete the evaluations. Evaluations that require in person testing will be completed once school resumes. If your student is moving from PreK- Kindergarten, 6th-7th, 8th-9th, or 12th- transition you will have a move-up meeting scheduled in mid-late May with your student’s case manager to discuss IEP services for next school year.

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