My Vote, My Voice

  • Big Idea: Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and the fundamental right upon which all our civil liberties rest. -American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

    Driving Question: How do I participate in democracy?

     In a true democracy, the major decisions about the rules & organization of society are put in the hands of everyday people. We as citizens have the right and responsibility to help guide our society to success - as well as decide what “success” means. In this project we will continue exploring how we can use reliable sources to stay informed. We’ll then look at voting systems as well as the government positions & candidates on our ballot in Spokane.

    Multi-Day Kick-Off:Why vote?

    Explore the power of civic participation, the power of 1 vote, and why young people should vote. When ready, register to vote (16 & 17 year olds can pre-register)!

    Benchmark 1: How can we find reliable information? What do professional fact checkers do?

    In partnership with the Spokesman Review newspaper, explore how journalism works, the Code of Journalistic Integrity, Civic Online Reasoning, & media bias. Learn about a variety of current 

    issues and how media outlets approach them.

    Product: Spokesman Review Feedback Session

    Benchmark 2: How do our voting systems work?

    Explore voting-related issues such as voter suppression, election results validity, gerrymandering, ranked-choice voting, Electoral College, a free press, polling, & more using quantitative reasoning. Then create a reader-friendly graphic page to help others understand these issues.

    Product: Contribute reactions to the issues as we go & then organize a TCS Speaks page for our TCS Election Chronicle 

    Benchmark 3: How do I become an informed voter?

    Explore how your personal viewpoints & experiences affect your political opinions. Deep dive into how the government positions on our ballot connect with key issues that you care about. Then uncover where each candidate stands on those key issues. Finally, collaborate to create a visually appealing guide to help others make an informed voting decision.

    Product: Contribute 1 Ballot Item Analysis to our TCS Election Chronicle

    Final Product: Review & debate the ballot as a class. Then complete your Informed Vote ballot using our Election Chronicle, including explanations of why you voted a certain way.