• 2020-2021 Ferris Dance Team Tryouts

    All applicants please be sure to register fully on FamilyID, read and sign the Saxon Dance Team Packet, Dancer information sheet and send the teacher recommendations forms to all of your current teachers. 

    Virtual Fall tryouts officially begin Monday, November 16, 2020.

  • Dance Team Virtual Tryout Process

    Dance tryouts are being held virtually this year, November 16-20, 2020. By November , all candidates must submit their tryout video. We will conduct interviews via Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Zoom or phone call. Teacher Recs and Applications should be submitted via email by Monday, November 16.
    Each interested candidate will be required to do the following:

    1. Sign up in FamilyID;
    2. Join the Remind Group for 2020-2021 Dancers by texting @ferrisda to 81010;
    3. Submit the Dance Expectations Signature page and Personal information page signed by both the student and parent/guardian by Monday, May 18, 2020;
    4. Have all of their Teachers send a completed teacher recommendation Form via email to Coach Cassie;
    5. Set up a personal interview through Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, zoom or a phone call;
    6. And, submit a video of themselves performing the Tryout Material.

    Physical Tryout Video Submission details

    By November 20, 2020, all candidates are required to submit an uncut video of themselves performing the tryout material. Candidates should upload the video to YouTube, set to “Unlisted” and email the link to casandrama@spokaneschools.org. We will not share your video with anyone – it will stay private. If someone is unable to record/submit a video, a TEAMS call, Zoom or FaceTime call may be set up and we will have the candidate perform the material live. The coaches would score the videos just like we would an in-person tryout. If all these options are impossible, we will work with the candidate to do a socially distanced in-person tryout.

    All physical tryout material has been posted on the Dance Team youtube. Students must learn the material at home. Please be sure to maintain social distance and do not have joint practices.

    The tryout video material should be submitted in an UNCUT video and in this order:

    1. Introduction – Name, grade and a short summary of why you are trying out.
    2. Fight song– use the music
    3. <<take a short break to catch your breath>>
    4. Demo a Toe Touch
    5. Demo Kicks
    6. Demo Turns
    7. Demo Leaps
    8. Demo Splits
    9. Demo Leg Hold
    10. Dance Routine with music
    11. Optional (Demo head Stand, Head flip any other tricks or tumble IF you’re on a safe surface to do so)

    Candidates are free to wear what they wish to try out, however, it is recommended to look "game ready." It is recommended to wear appropriate athletic clothing in Ferris colors, tennis shoes and students with long hair should be sure it's tied back away from the face.


    Physical Tryout: 60 points possible (10- Dance & Fight song- 5- technique and overall)
    o Dance - about 8 to 10 eight-counts
    o Fight Song - Fight Song Tryout Music
    o Toe touch
    o Kicks
    o Turns
    o Leaps
    o Splits
    o Leg Hold
    o Optional
    o Overall spirit and impression

    Teacher Recommendations: 50 points possible
    o Each teacher from second semester must complete a teacher recommendation form.

    Grade Point Average: 40 points possible
    o First semester GPA. Example: If a student has a 3.432, their score will be a 34.32. Whatever is on the first semester transcript will be what is used. No exceptions - current progress report can not be used.

    Application & Interview: 10 points possible - Application Due Monday, November 16, 2020
    o Personal Interview will be a 10 minute sit-down with the coaches to have a conversation about each contestant's priorities, abilities, and just to get to know each person a bit better.
    o Interviews will be conducted via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Facetime.
    o Every contestant must submit a completed application.

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