Title I, Part A

  • Title I, Part A is the largest kindergarten to grade 12 federal program designed “to provide all children significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, and to close educational achievement gaps.” Our Schoolwide Programs focus on addressing the needs of students impacted by poverty and those at risk of not meeting state academic achievement standards. Title I funding is used for supplemental activities and instruction for all students providing them access to an enriched curriculum and educational experience.

    Every school that accepts Title I funds must have a School Improvement Plan in place:

    SPS Title I Schools

    • Elementary: Adams, Arlington, Audubon, Bemiss, Browne, Cooper, Finch, Franklin, Garfield, Grant, Holmes, Lidgerwood, Lincoln Heights, Linwood, Logan, Longfellow, Madison, Regal, Ridgeview,  Roosevelt, Scott, Stevens, Westview, Whitman, Willard. 
    • Middle: Chase, Flett, Glover, Salk, Shaw, Spokane Garry, Yasuhara
    • High: Rogers
    • Special Sites: On Track Academy, Pratt Academy

    Parent and Family Engagement

    Parents/ Families can ensure their children meet higher academic standards at school by partnering with school staff and engaging in their students’ learning. The ways parents connect home life with education at school lets children know learning is important. Parents can become involved in several ways:

    • Support your child's learning at home.
    • Get involved!  Serve as a classroom/ school volunteer.
    • Visit your child’s classroom and the Title I staff
    • Attend school open house meetings, conferences, special parent involvement activities, and workshops.
    • Share ideas for Title I program improvement and ask questions about the instructional program and student progress.

    SPS is committed to parent and family engagement, which means including families in activities and programs that promote children’s development, learning and wellness, including in the planning, development, and evaluation of activities, programs, and systems at every school where Title I Part A funds support teaching and engaged learning.

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