Native Education

  • Our goal: To support all Native students to achieve academically through culturally responsive practices and provide opportunities to connect culturally.

    Our shared vision: We will hold ourselves accountable to build support, create pathways to success, and strengthen equitable practices by promoting the resilience and diversity of students, families, and communities to assist Native students in achieving wellness and academic success in their learning journey.

    Community partnerships with local Urban Native organizations and higher education institutions allow us to provide the following programs for our Native students each year:

    • Native American Graduation Program: a collaboration with area colleges and programs working with Native American students graduating from high school, college and GED programs each year.
    • Making College the Norm: a program for middle school students that helps them learn about higher education. Students visit local colleges and engage in fun activities to find out about their programs and how to become a college student.
    • Native Youth Summer Program: five-week program each summer open to students in grades 1 through 8 that focuses on reading, math, culture and physical education. Students are taken on a field trip each week.

    Title VI Native Education: supports elementary, middle and high school students in the district to help them achieve academically by providing identified students with mentors, tutors, and opportunities to engage in cultural practices such as:

    • Drumming
    • Singing
    • Learn about and cook local Indigenous traditional foods
    • Beading

    ⇒ Congratulations to our Native Students of Excellence for 2021! View the presentation.

    *We receive funding for every Native student with a completed 506 form. Therefore, it is extremely important to complete.


    Language & Literacy Support

    Native Title III Identification: The Director of ELD and the Native Education coordinator meet in consultation each fall to identify a timeline to gather data to determine eligibility for Native Title III services. Data is collected and analyzed to identify students that are academically at-risk. Parents are sent this notification if their child is eligible for screening.

    Once the WIDA Screener is administered, parents will receive this notification letter within 30 days that explains if their child qualifies for services.

    Native Title III Services:

    Native American Studies Summer Program

    • 3-week summer program offered in July
    • Focuses on developing skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking
    • Since Time Immemorial curriculum

    Native Student Support Specialist (Rogers High School)

    • Mentoring
    • Attendance
    • Academic Support
    • Community and Family Engagement