Schedule & Support

  • Schedule

    SV Academy students will be scheduled into a weekly schedule with teachers and be able to work self-paced, on your own timetable, if they are able to stay current with the course. Assignments following the scope and sequence of each course will be provided weekly. When you complete the work throughout the week is up to you.

    Teachers are available for check-ins, lessons, and guidance during your scheduled times and will also have office hours scheduled for questions and support. Students will also have access to student support and intervention sessions as needed. As you work, you can ask questions through email or Teams.
    We recommend that you set a schedule for your coursework and stick to it week-to-week and day-to-day. Students who fall behind in their SV Academy courses will be required to attend a meeting to address catching up and staying on pace with their coursework.

    SV Academy Student Expectations

    It is important that SV Academy students stay current in their courses.

    • SV Academy students who fall behind their weekly pacing schedule in their courses will need to attend additional student support virtual sessions until they are caught up.
    • Students who do not meet weekly contact and progress requirements or maintain pace with their online courses will be referred to additional support sessions. Evaluation of progress will be made during the first two weeks and monthly 


    All academic and coursework related questions should be directed to your child's teacher. Teachers are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. In addition, you will have your child's teachers' email addresses and contact info for instant messaging on Blackboard and Microsoft Teams.

    Technical questions for accessing Teams, Blackboard, or your other online curriculum programs can be emailed to Make sure to copy your teacher.

    If you're struggling with teacher communication or having a hard time navigating SV Academy once you're logged in and working, you can reach out to the Student Support Specialists to get help relaying a message to your child's teacher or counselor. Student Support Specialists can also help facilitate schedule changes by working with your child's school counselor.

    We look forward to working with you this school year. If you have specific questions, please email the SV Academy Student Support Specialist or your high school's SVL Student Support Specialist.