Free 5-Day Meal Kits for the Summer

  • Free for all children 18 and younger June 28-Aug. 20.

  • Fresh. Nutritious. Convenient!

    lunch What5 breakfasts and 5 lunches, ready to go! 

    kids Who
    :  All children 18 and younger. 

     Meals are free for children all summer! 
    ⇒ Families: Remember to turn in your free & reduced-price meals application to help ensure district funding as well as your qualification for benefits and the meal program once the extention ends.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a meal kit?

Meal kits include five complete breakfasts and lunches, along with heating instructions for items that are best enjoyed hot. You will see many familiar items, including:

  • whole grain cereal and Benefit Bars, 100% beef burgers, whole-muscle chicken, whole grain foods, fresh vegetables, and a variety of fresh and cupped fruits.  
  • a choice of 1% white milk by the half gallon, or half-pints of fat-free chocolate milk.

Who is eligible for meal kits?

All children 18 and younger are eligible for the summer 5-day meal kit.

Where can I pick up a 5-day meal kit for my child?

Meal kits are available at several district sites. See the dates, times & locations button at the top of this page.

Several local sites and community centers are offering summer programs that also include daily meals. See this list for dates, times & locations.

Can a parent pick up meals for their child?

Yes, parents can pick up meals for students without the students being present. Parents/guardians will need to provide the name(s) of the children they are picking up meals for.

Can I pick up meals for all my children at one school site?

Yes, parents can pick up meals at one location for all children 18 and younger. Please note: each meal kit will feed one child 5 days of breakfast and 5 days of lunch. Please pick up one meal kit per child per week, regardless of pick-up site.

Can a student pick up meals without their parent?

Yes, students can pick up a 5-day meal kit at any summer meal site. Note that the 5-day meal kit includes a box of nutritious menu items and up to 2 half pints of non-fat chocolate milk.

Can my student get a special diet option like dairy free or gluten free?

At this time, production demands allow us only to provide a choice of traditional or vegetarian meal kit. However, meal kits do not contain any peanut products, and milk substitutions of soy or lactose-free are available.

Do I need a Digestive Disorder Health Care Plan on file to make a milk substitution?

  No. We offer either soy milk or lactose-free milk when requested.

Is there a vegetarian option?

Yes! Meal kits are available in traditional or vegetarian options.

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