COVID Safety Protocols

    • Students must wear face coverings at all times while on the bus. Students who refuse to wear a mask may not be allowed to ride the bus.
    • Drivers must wear face coverings while students are on board.  When a bus is out of service and no students are on board, it is acceptable for the driver to remove their mask.
    • Drivers have disposable masks for students who may need one (both child and adult sizes).
    • On special program buses, the driver and monitor will also wear gloves. The monitor will wear a face covering and face shield.

    • Windows will remain open for increased air flow as necessary.

    • Buses will have assigned seats. Families may sit together.
    • Do not sit in seats near the driver to maintain 6 feet of physical distance.
    • Kindergarteners will sit near the front of the bus, socially distanced from the driver.
    • Drivers will remind students to keep face coverings on and to socially distance while exiting the bus and entering school.

    • Buses will be disinfected after the morning and afternoon routes are completed.

    Reminder: Please remember to social distance at bus stops and keep face coverings on!

bus driver