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    Summer Academy 2022
    June 21 - July 15

Summer Academy 2022 Flier


​Purpose of NEWTech’s Summer Academy:

  • Short-term, specialized training in programs designed for students who have not had the opportunity to attend NEWTech yet.

  • Introductory training for students entering NEWTech programs in the fall.

  • Additional training and reinforcement for students presently enrolled in NEWTech programs.

The skills you learn at NEWTech can pay off in a better job later, or help you discover an area in which you excel. 

There will only be one session of Summer Academy offered and students will be placed in one Summer Academy course. 

Our NEWTech Summer Academy 2022 program is free!


June 21st - July 15th

Please note: No Classes in session July 1st and July 4th.  July 15th will be a 1/2 day.

There will only be one session of Summer Academy offered.  Students will only be placed in one Summer Academy course.

Some of our districts/sending high school's last day(s) of school might conflict with the first few days of our Summer Academy – students will be excused for missing our Summer Academy due to their school still being in session.

Bell Schedule

Summer Academy 2022 Bell Schedule

First Bell @ 7:25 AM

Instructional Time 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Lunch A 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Lunch B 11:40 PM -  12:10 PM
Lunch C 12:20 PM -  12:50 PM

Dismissal Bell @ 2:00 PM

All Summer Academy classes are 100% in-person. All classes meet at NEWTech Prep (4141 North Regal St.)

There will only be one session of Summer Academy offered.  Students will only be placed in one Summer Academy course.

Who is Eligible to Participate in Summer Academy 2022?

Any student that has completed grades 8, 9, 10 or 11 during the 2021-22 school year is eligible to participate in our Summer Academy 2022.

Current seniors in our Cosmetology program may participate in our Summer Academy 2021 and earn additional hours toward their WA State Hair Design Certificate provided their sending high school doesn't change their enrollment staus to graduated until August 2022.

NEWTech serves students from Central Valley, Cheney, Deer Park, East Valley, Freeman, Mead, Medical Lake, Nine Mile, Riverside, Spokane, and West Valley school districts as well as home-schooled students and students who attend private schools.  

How much does it cost to attend Summer Academy 2022?

Our Summer Academy 2022 is tuition free!  There are no required costs to register for or participate in our Summer Academy 2022 programming.  There will only be one session of Summer Academy offered.  Students will only be placed in one Summer Academy course.

What courses are being offered this summer?

Courses offered are subject to change based on student interest and instructor availability.

  • Each NEWTech Summer Academy course includes career exploration and personal and professional development content to promote college and career readiness and help students develop and strengthen essential personal and professional skills. Students will explore a variety of professions within the 16 national Career Clusters and 79 pathways.


Summer Academy 2022 Course Descriptions


The following Summer Academy classes are available to any student who has completed grades 8-11 in 2021-22:

Basics of Baking

While we call this class  Basics of Baking, the baked goods they’ll bring home are anything but basic. We know these valuable kitchen skills will come in handy for years to come and inspire a new generation of bakers.

Credit .5 CTE or Elective

 Building for Beginners

Learn about basic construction practices and safety while building small-scale take-home projects. Students gain hands-on experience with hand and power tools.

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 

Exploring Careers in Aviation 

This class will introduce you to the world of aviation. This program will  teach the fundamentals of flight to include units on aviation history, aerodynamics, meteorology, aircraft systems, navigation, flight  planning, and air traffic control

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 

Introduction to Animation and Special Effects

This course will give students an introduction to the art of animation and video production.

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 

Introduction to Collision Repair

Students will use industry standard equipment to repair and paint metal surfaces.

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 

Introduction to Cyber Security

This class will introduce students to a career in the fast growing, high paying Cyber Security industry. Students will learn about computer hardware, networking and IT security. Guest speakers, field trips and hands on activities will create a fast paced learning environment.

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 

Introduction to Food and Fitness

In this course, students will learn about the role nutrition and fitness plays in overall health. Topics will cover basic nutritional needs, digestion, diet analysis, planning balanced meals, how to prepare nutritious foods through healthy cooking, safe and sanitary handling of food, nutrition careers, fitness baseline data, and how to plan and execute a fitness program. The focus is to help students learn how good nutrition and fitness affects health.

Credit .5 PE/Lifetime Fitness 

Introduction to Medical Careers

Participate in project-based learning, increasing your knowledge of the various fields of medical careers including nurse assisting, health science, and medical assisting.

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 

Introduction to Music and Audio Production

The Intro to Music and Audio Production class is an organic means of exploring modern music that focuses on music production through digital software, with an emphasis on ear training, rhythm, lyrical content, and identifying diverse roles in the music industry and how they translate into a music career. (whew! That was a mouthful!) In other words, you are going to have a blast learning how to make your own music!

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 

 Introduction to Veterinary Careers

Students will have an opportunity to learn the basics of canine and feline anatomy and physiology, biology and explore career options in Veterinary Medicine. We will cover the basics of animal behavior and companion animal care.

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 


 Introduction to Welding

This class will introduce students to basic welding techniques. 

Credit .5 CTE or Elective 

Are Special Education, 504 or ELD services provided in Summer Academy 2022?

Our NEWTech Summer Academy is an optional and voluntary program which provides enrichment and career discovery activities. Any student who has completed grades 8 – 11 during the 2021-22 school year is eligible to participate in our Summer Academy.  There are no fees associated with our Summer Academy.  Our Summer Academy is not an Extended School Year (ESY) program. Special Education, 504 or ELD support services/accommodations are not available during our Summer Academy.

Food and Transportation Services

There will be nutritional services (lunch) available during Summer Academy 2022 at no cost.

School bus transportation is not provided during Summer Academy 2022.  Guardians/students have to provide their own transportation. (drive themselves, get dropped off/picked up or STA bus) 

STA bus route finder


  • Our Summer Academy 2022 classes are full.  There are no waitlists for these classes.

  • We will use a lottery placement to initially place students in Summer Academy courses
    • Applications submitted May 1 thru May 6 (by 3:00 PM) will be assigned a number in the order they are received 

    • A random sort will be used to determine the order applications are processed for placement

    • Placement notifications will go out, via email, on Monday, May 9th by 2:00 PM

  • If any of our Summer Academy courses have open seats after May 6 (3:00PM), applications will still be accepted and processed for those courses/open seats until the courses are full or until June 13th. (these applications will be processed in the order received)

  • There are no waitlists for summer classes