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         Welcome to our North Central music family. We are glad you are here!! This is our page for all North Central orchestra news and announcements. Here you will find important information on concerts, field trips, and everything we are doing in class! This page also includes important forms, such as our instrument rental agreement and practice reflection. 

         Our mission in North Central music is to develop skills necessary to become a great musician and citizen. Students will develop technical and expressive ability on their instrument and develop the discipline, work ethic, and integrity necessary to become great at whatever skill they wish! We embed teamwork and comradery in everything we do in music, and we prioritize the feeling of family. Now, let’s get started!



        The start of the year is upon us! As we begin getting to know one another in class, please make sure you are adequately preparing yourself for what you need to be successful. Follow the syllabus for a supply list. You can find a copy of our syllabus in the “Forms” section below. If you need to borrow a school district instrument, please complete the instrument rental agreement in the “Forms” section as well. Please keep in mind that we only have so many school instruments to loan. If you have any questions about how to obtain an instrument outside of school, please send me an email or set-up a time to speak with me in person.



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    Intermediate Strings
    Mr. Justin Olvey
    Office Phone: 509.354.6173 

    Advanced Strings
    Mr. Tim Blaydon
    Office Phone: 509.354.6254