Community Eligibility Provision Survey

  • Because of COVID guidelines, all families in our district receive free lunch this year. However, we are still required to have every family complete a survey or a free and reduced lunch application. The information from these forms helps determine Title 1/LAP federal funding for our school's future. Additionally, those who complete the Free/Reduced form may have access to additional benefits, such as the PEBT cards.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the form due?

    No later than 9/24/2021.


    I sent the form with my student at Lidgerwood/Logan/Longfellow/Whitman. Do I need to fill it out again?


    No. You only need to fill out one form per family in the district.


    I do not qualify for Free/Reduced lunch. Do I still need to fill out the form?

    Yes. Every family needs to fill out the form if their student attends one of the 13 schools listed (Audubon, Bemiss, Grant, Holmes, Lidgerwood, Logan, Longfellow, Regal, Scott, Stevens, Whitman, Garry, and Pratt Academy).

Surveys due no later than 9/24/2021