Competitive Drill Teams

  • Competitive drill teams are the mainstay of any JROTC program.  So, our AFJROTC unit sports three different competitive teams that include unarmed drill, color guard, and strength teams. These varsity-level teams compete at the division level against 17 other JROTC drill teams and at the regional level against the top teams from 17 other Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air Force JROTC units in the area.  The competition season lasts the entire school year. Our drill teams practice every weekday morning at 6:00 am. Cadets can earn .5 PE graduation credit and a varsity letter.  

Exhibition Drill Team led by Cadet Skylar Thornton

Competitive and Performance Color Guard Teams

  • Our color guards are four-person teams, consisting of two armed guards and two flag carriers, who perform a regulation routine carrying the US Flag and the Washington State flag. They are judged on their ability to accurately and consistently perform difficult marching moves in order to keep the US flag at the forefront and maintain all required flag carrying protocols. The armed guards must execute perfectly timed and sequenced moves. The color guards also perform at events throughout the Spokane area. People can schedule a color guard performance by contacting Chief Tyvan for coordination.    

Color guard team performs at Rogers for 8th grade orientation
Color guard performs at Podium

Competitive Unarmed Drill Team

  • The unarmed drill team performs various regulation and exhibition drill sequences. During each varsity-level conference drill meet, the unarmed team undergoes a rigorous uniform inspection and is, subsequently, judged on how well it performs a routine regulation drill sequence. More significantly, the unarmed team is also judged on how well it performs an exhibition routine, that is created and choregraphed by the team, and consists of more unorthodox drill moves that are designed to "razzle-dazzle." 

Unarmed drill team

Physical Fitness Team

  • The Physical Fitness team will compete at the Regional Conferences.  It is a 5 person team consisting of a minimum of 2 females, and are required to do push-up (to cadence), sit-ups, and a 1-mile run (burpees if the weather does not permit the 1-mile run).  Once complete the scores are entered and each team will receive their results.  

Fitness team led by Cadet Alex Tishchenko
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    Dan Nielsen
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