Strategic Plan 2022-28

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    To ensure we are meeting our commitment to creating a collaborative learning community where every student and every staff member knows that they belong, we outlined these guiding principles:

    • equity
    • being student-centered
    • inclusion
    • innovation
    • trust & collaboration

    We worked with parents, families, staff, students and the larger Spokane community to develop this strategic plan, which will guide and inform our work for the next six years.


    Graduate Profile

    The SPS Graduate Profile describes the knowledge, skills, habits, agency and community connections that all SPS students will develop during their educational journey to prepare them for their desired post-secondary opportunities. It includes six attributes:

    thinking Critical Thinking
    All students will develop the ability to gather and analyze information, challenge thoughts and perspectives, and solve problems using their knowledge, experiences, and resources.

    empathy Empathy
    All students will develop the ability to understand the feelings of others and share their experiences with their peers, staff, and community members to build appreciation of differences, discover commonalities, and foster strong relationships.

    brain Learning Mindset
    All students will develop a sense of ownership and a spirit of discovery about their learning, along with an ability to learn from mistakes, navigate through challenges, and take risks.

    collab Collaboration
    All students will develop skills to collaborate effectively, using verbal and written communication, to maximize their potential and the potential of others.

    connectedness Connectedness
    All students will develop strong relationships with their peers, school staff, and community members who can support their post-secondary pursuits.

    life skills Life Skills
    All students will acquire the knowledge to navigate adult responsibilities—including managing finances and finding and maintaining meaningful employment.

    Priorities & Initiatives

    SPS identified the following priorities and associated initiatives to deliver on its vision over the next six years. Each initiative will have an implementation plan, which the district will regularly review in collaboration with the Spokane community.

Priority 1: Connected & Caring School Community

SPS will develop a caring and inclusive school community by embracing the gifts, ambitions, abilities, perspectives, and experiences of all students, staff, and families—so that each individual feels valued, respected, and connected.

Key Initiatives

  1. Foster relationships, involvement, and support for all staff, students, and families.
  2. Expand opportunities for student voice and leadership across the district.
  3. Strengthen workforce diversity and promote cultural responsiveness.
  4. Increase community engagement and support.

Priority 2: Strong Foundations

SPS will invest in early learning opportunities to foster an awesome elementary school experience for all students—one rooted in a culturally responsive curriculum to help them develop 21st century skills from an early age. 

Key Initiatives

  1. Expand early learning opportunities and experiences.
  2. Foster foundational literacy skills in elementary school students.
  3. Establish low class size sustainability through capital improvement projects and strategic staffing.

Priority 3: Student Supports & Transitions

SPS will invest in supporting students as they transition through grade levels and schools, to ensure their success during these milestone years. SPS will also invest in increasing inclusion, improving English language development services, and strengthening whole child supports to address physical health, mental health, and emotional well-being of all students.

Key Initiatives

  1. Increase access and inclusion for students receiving Special Education and English Language Development services.
  2. Refine SPS’ Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Model.
  3. Strengthen support for student transitions through grade levels and schools.
  4. Strengthen whole child supports to address physical health, mental health, and emotional well-being of all students.

Priority 4: 21st Century Learning & Career Pathways

SPS will invest in developing 21st century classrooms that provide students with challenging content and curricula, the opportunity to innovate, and the space to collaborate with their peers and teachers.

Key Initiatives

  1. Empower student learning through Universal Design for Learning.
  2. Increase opportunities for relevant and real-world learning experiences.
  3. Refine the social-emotional curriculum.
  4. Foster the SPS Graduate Profile and increase knowledge of relevant college and career pathways by offering exploration and preparation programs and opportunities.
  • Mission

    Every SPS student engages in joyful and challenging learning experiences throughout their educational journey that prepare them to become lifelong learners and graduate with the knowledge, skills, habits, agency, and community connections they need to pursue their passions and desired post-secondary opportunities.