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    2023-24 Program Uniform Information: Energy and Power

    You are receiving this information because you have received placement in our Energy and Power program for the 2023-24 school year.

    If your plans have changed and you will not be attending NEWTech in 2023-24, please click here to let us know.

    Program Uniform Information

    You will order your program uniform online directly with the vendor, The Print Center in https://spokaneprintcenter.com/energy-power/.
    Your 2023-24 program uniform consists of one long sleeve shirt and one jacket.  There are other optional items available such as a program hat.  You are not required to purchase any of the optional items.  You will order your uniform online.

    The Print Center (Call for hours)

    NEW ADDRESS as of May 8th: 7124 E Nora Ave. Spokane Valley, WA 99212

    The Print Center        Phone: (509) 487-2155

    www.SpokanePrintCenter.com   •  Please leave us a review on GOOGLE


    Year 1 students, your 2023-24 program uniform consists of one long sleeve shirt and one jacket

    Please note: Year 2 students will wear their Year 1 program uniform.  


    Students who were placed in this program as a first choice must have their uniform on the first day of class, Sept. 5th, 2023.  

    Students who were placed in this program as a 2nd or 3rd choice: if you do not receive information that a spot has opened up in your preferred program by September 15th, please place your order for this program’s uniform.


    If your uniform is on back order or this was your 2nd/3rd choice and you are waiting to see if you get into your first choice:

    Please wear a plain, no graphics or picture, shirt that matches the color of your program's uniform and professional looking pants (no rips or holes etc.).


    All students also need:


    • wear closed toe, work style shoes (no flip flops, sandals etc),
    • work style jeans (no slacks, shorts or skirts) with no rips or tears., a leather work style belt
    • personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE includes safety glasses, gloves (here is an example)

    Required Materials and Supplies for First Day of Class (Sept. 1, 2022)


    • 2020 Uglys Electrical Reference book (sample)
    • Spiral Bond notbook (70 pages will do)
    • Pack of pencils
    • Several Carpenter’s Pencils (sample)
    • TI-30XA calculator



    Introductory Email

    Before the end of this month, please send your NEWTech instructor an introductory email.  In the email, please let your instructor know:

    • Why you enrolled in the class
    • What you hope to learn
    • Your hobbies and interests
    • How you best learn


    Your NEWTech instructor’s contact information is:
    Jacob Snyder Email: JacobSn@spokaneschools.org