Long-Range Planning: District Programs

  • Purpose: The long-range planning committee works to develop a plan for capital improvement projects that support current and future program needs.

Meetings & Materials

Guiding Principles

  • District academic experiences will provide a diverse range of options that offer equitable access to all students.
  • Student voice that is representative of diverse groups should serve as a key factor in program offering and development.
  • Innovative ideas and concepts that align with student interest and 21st century learning should be fostered and encouraged.
  • Academic experiences and school facilities should create a nurturing and safe environment.
  • Resources and planning should ensure transportation, staffing, and professional development that fosters access and opportunity.

Committee Members


Pratt Academy

  • Lisa Pacheco, Principal
  • David Reese, Teacher
  • Chris Worth, Teacher
  • Thomas Cook, Teacher 


  • Kari Duffy, Principal
  • Don Belcher, Teacher
  • Jeremy Day, Teacher

Spokane Virtual Academy

  • Tricia Kannberg, Principal
  • Azalyn Croft, Teacher
  • Becky Marshall, Counselor

Garry Middle School

  • Wendy Watson, Principal

Rogers High School

  • John Hammil, Principal

Bemiss Elementary School

  • Rachel Sherwood, Principal



  • Shannon Lawson, Principal
  • Chris Carlsen, Teacher/Parent
  • Tom Coghlan, Teacher/Parent

Shadle Park High School

  • Chris Dunn, Principal

Balboa Elementary School

  • Suzi Bilesky, Paraeducator

North Central

The Community School (TCS)

  • Cindy McMahon, Principal
  • Bobbi Konshuk, Teacher
  • Corey Kahler, Parent


  • Jolene Vining, Principal
  • Francell Daubert, Parent


  • Suzanne Smith, Principal
  • Jessica Haynes, Principal Assistant
  • Sandy Margulis, Teacher/Parent

North Central High School

  • Leah Dach, Staff
  • Susan Dunn, Parent



  • Holli Ugaldea, Teacher
  • Kelly Niccolls, Parent
  • Buz Hollingsworth, Principal

Ferris High School

  • John O'Dell, Principal
  • Lori Achenbach, Parent

Spanish Immersion

  • Kimberly Stretch, Principal
  • Jennifer Morris, Teacher
  • Tania Johnson, Parent
  • Rick Eichstadt, Parent
  • Kitty Klitske, Parent


  • Kimberly Stretch, Principal
  • Pamela Starbuck, Teacher
  • Gabe Piper, Parent

Chase Middle School

  • Heather Chase, Principal

Peperzack Middle School

  • Amy Stinebaugh, Parent

Adams Elementary School

  • Beth Nye, Principal

Lincoln Heights Elementary School

  • Amy Confer, Staff


On Track Academy

  • Lisa Mattson, Principal
  • Molly Johnson, Teacher
  • Matt Green, Teacher
  • Hilary Kozel, Parent

Sacajawea Middle School

  • Heather Montgomery, Teacher

Lewis and Clark High School

  • Greg Chambers, Staff
  • Katrina Hawker, Parent

Mullan Road Elementary School

  • Jaclyn Oscarson, Teacher

Central Staff

  • Harium Martin-Morris, SPS Consultant
  • Heather Bybee, Chief Academic Officer
  • Greg Forsyth, Director, Capital Projects & Planning
  • Tamika LaMere, Native Education Coordinator
  • Scott Kerwien, Executive Director of Student Success
  • Lori Wyborney, Executive Director of Schools, Northeast Area
  • Nikki Golden, Executive Director of Schools, North Central Area
  • Melanie Smith, Director, Student Services
  • Shawn Jordan, Chief Operations Officer
  • Becky Ramsey, Director, Special Education
  • Brandon Bouge, Associate Director, Special Education
  • Rob Reavis, Director, CTE and AVID
  • Heather Richardson, Director, ELD
  • Marybeth Smith, Director, K-12 Curriculum
  • Ryan Rowe, Supervisor, Fiscal Analysis & Data Reporting

School Board Representatives

  • Michael Wiser
  • Nikki Lockwood

Spokane Education Association