Long-Range Planning: Transportation

  • Purpose: The Transportation Workgroup meets regularly to review the current SPS transportation model and develop recommendations that will support current and future student and program needs.

Meetings & Materials

Nov. 22

Dec. 6

Jan. 24

Feb. 7

April 13

Committee Members

Adam Swinyard, Superintendent

Becky Ramsey, Director, Special Education

Chauncey Jones, Community Engagement Board Liaison

Cindy Coleman, Chief Financial Officer

Clint Price, Executive Director of Schools, Northwest Area

Corey Arkle, Supervisor, Transportation

Dani Galvez, Transportation Specialist Lead, Transportation

Ivan Corley, Principal, Lewis and Clark High School

Kristene Gillmer, Principal, Audubon Elementary School

Mark Lund, Principal, Glover Middle School

Matthew Beal, Principal, Mullan Road Elementary School

Michael Warnecke, Transportation Specialist Lead, Transportation

Oscar Harris, Chief Family and Community Engagement Officer

Rebecca Doughty, Executive Director, School Support Services

Richelle Hoenike, Teacher, Garry Middle School

Sarah Miller, HEART, Homeless Liaison

Shannon Lawson, Principal, Spokane Public Montessori

Shawn Jordan, Chief Operations Officer

Stephanie Splater, Director, Athletics and Afterschool Activities

Tricia Kannberg, Principal, Regal Elementary School

Rick Wetmore, Parent, Shadle Park High School

William Merritt, Student, Lewis and Clark High School

Karl Otterstrom, Director of Planning and Development, Spokane Transit Authority

Phil Crocker, Consultant

Jenny Slagle, SPS School Board Member

Riley Smith, SPS School Board Member