Biomedical Innovation

  • BI Syllabus: 2021-22

                    Unit 1:  How do I get there from here?

                    Defining the big problem of biological innovations

                    Reviewing good procedures

                    Working a problem as a team



                    Unit 2:   What is the problem?  What does the research say?   

                    Define the problem and research the possible solution

                    Working with your mentors to design solution and start experimentation


                    Unit 3: Design of an experiment or model and testing of the solution:

                    Work with community mentor to complete experiments or projects.


                    Unit 4: Communicating the results:

                    Presentation of written documentation

                    Oral presentation of results to peers and business partners


    Each section will have project that you will be required to complete.  Some will be individual and some will be as a group.  Each section will be based on a rubric, personal reflection and peer review.  You will be required to answer the group question for the week, submit a reflection and attend our seminar each week.  You will have a general problem to solve or read about each week.  Your ultimate goal is to take on a problem and find a way to solve this problem.  You will be given the time to apply all the skills you have gain to present your results at the Spokane WSSEF in March.  In order to receive your lab coat and an A, you must present. 



    Mrs. Carol Kaplan