Out-of-District Students

  • Thank you for your interest in taking an online course with Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL).  We offer two options for students enrolled in school districts outside of Spokane Public Schools.

    School District Pay Option:    Enroll in SVL classes through your current school district.  Many school districts across Washington State are partnering with SVL and you can enroll directly through the school district at no cost. *Please contact you school administrator or counselor to see if this is an option.

     Private Pay Option:    Enroll with SVL and pay out of pocket for courses. This option allows students to take addiontal, online classes. Please fill out the interst form HERE for private pay.

    Registration for Spring Semester is now OPEN! Registration will close on February 4, 2023. Please contact SVLpartner@spokaneschools.org with any questions.

     If you have any questions, please contact the SVL office at 509-354-7545 or svl@spokaneschools.org

     Brenda Garberg

    SVL District Partner Support Specialist

    Office phone: 509-354-7546

    Google voice: 509-850-0347