Grade Level Checklist

  • The Lewis and Clark Counseling Team has created a grade level checklist to help students and families know what to focus on each year in high school:


    8th Grade

    • Welcome to Lewis and Clark High School! We are SUPER excited to have you as part of the Tiger Family!
      • If you are new to Spokane Public Schools and Lewis and Clark High School is your neighborhood school, Register Online.
      • If you are transferring from a non-neighborhood "feeder" school, follow the application process
      • 8th grade students currently attending Spokane Schools and live in the Lewis and Clark attendance area will automatically be rolled into Lewis and Clark for the next school year. We will visit your middle school to help you with the course registration process. There is NO need to complete the district registration materials.

    9th Grade

    • Every Grade Matters! Your grades start contributing NOW towards graduation and your overall GPA which colleges will use for admissions
    • Create a High School and Beyond Plan, and identify a Personalized Pathway. Map out your courses for each year you are at LC, and align them with your goals for the future
    • Get Involved. Find a club or activity where you can meet people with similar interests
    • Start identifying your strengths and passion
    • Ask questions when you don’t understand something. Teachers do not expect you to know everything day one
    • Tackle missing assignments and credits early. Procrastination will increase stress later on
    • Explore summer opportunities like an internship or volunteer position
    • Visit the Counseling Center so you know where to go when you need help and guidance

    10th Grade

    • Keep your grades up, ask for help when you need it
    • Check in with your school counselor
    • Update your High School and Beyond Plan and Personal Pathway when interests change
    • Continue attending classes regularly, stay involved in extracurricular activities, and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself academically
    • Attend Dual Credit Night in the spring to learn about earning college credit while in high school
    • Explore post-secondary options (in-person and/or online) and note things that you like and don’t like. For example, tour colleges and universities, trade schools, apprenticeships, etc.
    • Get familiar with the PSAT and start preparing to the SAT. 
    • Take the Smarter Balanced state assessment (SBAC) in the spring to meet graduation requirements in English and Math
    • Use your summer wisely. Make-up credits in summer school, volunteer in the community, tour college campuses, get a summer job.

    11th Grade

    • Update your High School and Beyond Plan and Personalized Pathway if needed.
    • Check in with your school counselor
    • Keep your grades up! Your junior year grades are the last ones that will impact your GPA when you start applying to post-secondary options in the fall of your senior year
    • Create a resume that lists your activities, awards, and recognitions.
    • Continue to research options for after high school, narrow down to your top 3
    • Continue taking challenging courses, but make sure not to overload yourself
    • Take the PSAT in the Fall to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.
    • Take the PSAT in October and the SAT at LC in March for FREE!
    • Retake the SBAC in the spring if needed.
    • Don’t be afraid to try something new! Get involved! Extracurriculars and leadership roles stand out on applications
    • Start searching for scholarships and financial aid options
    • Finish credit recovery so you don’t have to worry about it during your senior year!

    12th Grade

    • Update your High School and Beyond Plan and Personalized Pathway. Finish all required parts (it is required for graduation)
    • Check in with your school counselor and make sure everything is in place for graduation and college admissions
    • Attend ALL Senior Class Meetings throughout the year
    • Mark up your calendar with important dates and deadlines
    • Retake SAT off campus and/or SBAC if needed
    • Request Supplemental Documents through Schoolinks and Letters of Recommendation if required as part of your application
    • Complete the FAFSA. It is FREE and is required by majority of post-secondary programs to qualify for scholarships
    • Request official transcripts in SchooLinks
    • Complete at least ONE college application before Thanksgiving Break. See your counselor if you need a fee waiver
    • Stay motivated! Post-secondary programs will request a final transcript after you complete your senior year, which can affect admission and scholarship offers made in the fall.
    • Attend specific informational nights and workshops designed to help you navigate and support you through your senior year
    • DON’T FORGET…. Have Fun Too 😊 Congrats! You Made it!