Lean In, Speak Out!

  • Big Idea: Access our voices and passions to promote our own and others’ freedoms.

    Driving Question: How can we as active and informed citizens use our voices to change our community?

    Final Product: Choose something you care about, and speak out in writing and in person. Let your opinions shine by demanding change regarding an issue you feel strongly about.

    Benchmark 1: Our Rights: What are my legal rights? How do courts clarify my rights? 

    Before we use our voices for positive change in our community, we need to understand our rights. Examine how the Constitution and the courts protect our rights and dive deep into one court case that set a historical precedent for civil rights. Along the way, let’s brainstorm current issues that matter to us.

    • B1 Product: Case Brief    B1 Rubric (Knowledge & Thinking)

    Benchmark 2: Research: What rights are important to me?

    Now that we understand our government a little more, we can explore some of our own passions! Find a right you care about. You might feel strongly about LGBTQ issues, access to medical services, gun rights...the possibilities are endless! Dive deep into your chosen topic. Take effective notes and keep track of your sources.

    • B2 Product: Research Summary   B2 Rubric (Knowledge & Thinking)

    Benchmark 3: Change Letter: How can I write to persuade other people to take action?

    Using your research from Benchmark 2, write a persuasive letter that argues for social change. Choose who needs this information most: your city council member, a local judge, the school board, other students, your parents, the general public, someone else? Write with your audience in mind, convincing them that your chosen social change needs to happen.

    • B3 Product: Change Letter B3 Rubric (Written Communication x 3)

    Final Product: Community Presentation: How do I speak convincingly?

    It’s time to let your voice be heard! Team up with one other student who agrees with the viewpoint from your Change Letter. Then prepare a short formal presentation convincing community stakeholders that your social change should be enacted. Maya Angelou said, “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” Give your voice meaning - persuade others to join you in making change happen.