Enrollment for 2023-24

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    Note: This page is for current school year registration (2023-24) only. Registration and School Choice for 2024-25 opens Jan.1. Check back then for more information.


    Are you trying to apply to attend an Option school or program, or a school that is different from your address-zoned neighborhood school (Choice)?


You will use the School Choice Application.

Who is the School Choice Application for?

Familes should go through the School Choice Application ONLY if they are:

  1. Impacted by the south hill boundary changes (i.e., the new boundaries take you to a new school, but you want to remain in your current school)

    • Eligible families impacted by the south hill boundary change may apply to be considered for a choice enrollment. School bus transportation is not available to students.

  2. Wishing to attend an Option School or Program (including incoming kindergarten student)

    • Kindergarten Option Program requests will not have a final decision until the end of the Kindergarten Enrollment Window (Mar. 1 - 31) even if requests are made in the Jan. 3 - Feb. 15 window.
    • Students currently attending Option Schools or Programs do not need to re-apply.

  3. Wishing to change from their neighborhood school to a new school

    • Families who are granted choice will need to provide their own transportation except in very unique circumstances. Please visit the Transportation Page.

**Students/Families who do not fit any of the categories above DO NOT need to take any action. If you are trying to Register for your neighborhood school please click the No option on this page to click on the Register button to be redirected to the Registration Page**

Note: This first year for the 2023-24 School Year, Peperzak Middle School is opening as a 6th and 7th grade ONLY school. Students living in the Peperzak boundary going into 8th grade for the 2023-24 school year are assigned to schools based on 2022-23 boundaries: Chase or Sacajawea.

Apply for School Choice  

**Watch this School Choice Help Video**


Please click the button below to go to the Registration Page:

Register Here


Enrollment FAQs

Q: If my student(s) have already been granted choice to I need to re-apply for choice again?

A: No, there is no need to "re-choice." Once choice has been granted, it is good for the duration of that school level (elementary, middle school, high school). A student/family would need to request choice again if they are transitioning to the next school level. 

Q: What if I am requesting multiple choices for multiple school-aged children in my household?

A: You can submit an Enrollment Request for each of your students across various grade levels and you can make unique requests to schools/programs specific to each student. 

Q: Does completing the process early in the Enrollment Window make a difference on my student's chances of getting into the school or program?

A: No, each request is put into a queue for each school or program and after the close of the window on Feb. 15, each school or program's list are randomized for final selection.

Q: When do I find out if my student gets selected or not?

A: We endeavor to have final decisions and communication to families by Spring Break. 

Q: My student currently attends an Option School but we would like them to attend our neighborhood school. What steps do I need to take?

A: Please contact your neighborhood school directly to have the appropriate people support your transition back. If applicable, middle schools and high schools will be starting class registrations in January and February, so it will be important that your student be able to fill out a registration sheet to request certain classes like electives and CTE courses at their neighborhood school. 
Please also let your Option School know that you won't be continuing there next school year as a matter of courtesy.

Q: Can I request my rising kindergartener to attend an option school during this window, even though the kindergarten enrollment window isn't until March?

A: Yes, you may request an option school for your kindergarten now or during the March 1-31 window, though there is no priority given to those who request sooner than March. Decisions will be made after Spring Break (April 3 - 7).

Q: Are there waitlists for schools and programs?

A: Yes, although rare at high-applications schools or programs, there can sometimes be openings in which case each school or program will contact families in their order on the waitlist.

NOTE: We highly encourage families to plan on attending their neighborhood school and completing any necessary registration process or paperwork with that school. If an enrollment offer is made to a family, the neighborhood school can forward any necessary information to the future school or program as needed. 

Q: My older student has choiced into their school. Will my younger student get priority? I want them to go to the same school.

A: Yes, siblings of students already attending the requested choice school or option program are granted priority. If the student is wanting to choice to an option program as a sibling, the other sibling must already be enrolled in the same option program and actively attending the program or school. 

Q: There is no “School Choice” button in PowerSchool for my student. Am I missing something?

A: The School Choice button in PowerSchool is only available for middle school and high school students. It is also only available in the web version of PowerSchool and not functional in the PowerSchool smartphone app. If you have any elementary students, you need to go through Option 2 on the Enrollment website to make choice selections. 

Q: In PowerSchool, only my middle school student is listed. How to I complete an application for my current 5th grader who does not yet have a PowerSchool account?

A: Currently, Option 1 only supports middle school and high school students. Any families with elementary students need to go through Option 2 to make their Enrollment Choice Selections (up to three).

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