• Description: 

    This 1080-hour course (Year 1 and 2) allows students to learn about a variety of careers within the Graphic Design field and demonstrate basic technical skills required of a Graphic Designer. The classroom environment emulates the professional environment of the Graphic Design industry setting, and all students engage in hands-on learning.



    • Show off creative and artistic talents using the same advanced software and techniques as industry professionals.
    • Design and produce dynamic marketing projects and bold visual communications using the Adobe Master Suite.
    • Run a school-based enterprise (Graphics on Regal). Students market our products, advertise, and promote to outside enterprises. They complete production runs according to job specs. Safely use and maintain equipment used by a graphic artist, including a large format printer, plotter, dye sublimation, heat presses, mug press, and an embroidery machine.

    Video overview of the program


    • Mugs
    • T-shirts
    • Stickers
    • Buttons
    • Embroidery
    • Hats
    • Signs
    • Posters
    • Design Contests
    • Product Design

    Year 1
    Any combination of credits below that = 3.0 (1.5 max per semester)
    1.0 Fine Art (.5 max per semester)  

    3.0 Occupational or General Elective (1.5 max per semester)  

    Year 2
    3.0 Occupational of General Elective (1.5 max per semester)  

    Certification Opportunities: 
    Adobe Certified Professional

    College Credits Available:
    Spokane Falls Community College

    Graphics Year 1
    GRDSN 156: Illustrator I (2 credits)
    GRDSN 164: Illustrator II (2 credits)
    GRDSN 158: Photoshop I (2 credits)
    GRDSN 166: Photoshop II (2 credits) 

    Graphics Year 2
    GRDSN 163: lnDesign I (2 credits)
    GRDSN 168: lnDesign II (2 credits)


    Course Syllabus

    Program Uniform Information     

    Instructor: Christina Maertens ChristinaMae@spokaneschools.org