Title VI

  • Federal funding consistently flows to tribal reservations to support Native student education, but this is not the case for urban Native educational support programs. In order for SPS to receive funding for our students, a Title VI Student Eligibility or “506” form must be completed for each student who is a United States tribally enrolled member. The more students we submit for this count, the more funds the school district will receive from the Office of Indian Education to create programming to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students in our district.

    The 506 form indicates that your child is Native American; either the child, parent, or grandparent is enrolled in a tribe. Find the 506 Form here.

    Form instructions:

    1. Download form
    2. Fill in as much information as possible
    3. Save form
    4. Email completed form to tamikal@spokaneschools.org or drop it off at your school's office.