Lisa Mattson On Track Academy

Who We Are

On Track Academy students succeed. Our students create, design, build, connect, experiment, and iterate. At On Track, we help students grow into confident, adaptable, hopeful, capable, problem-solvers, and servant-leaders.

We’re a choice option school in Spokane Public Schools. On Track accepts high school juniors and seniors only. We surround the whole student with compassionate experiences in which we co-create learning opportunities designed to support students in creating their own, “What’s Next.”

Together, we build hope in an environment of care where each student feels seen, known, honored, loved, and important.

Why We're Different

We’re deeply collaborative. Our students, along with their teachers, and families, create a personalized plan to earn their diploma and get ready for “What’s Next.” These caring, collaborative relationships are the key to our work together. At On Track, students can accelerate their learning and not only cross the finish line of high school graduation, but also be prepared for success in their preferred future– college, Tech School, Apprenticeship, Career, or the Military.

We believe students have vision, passion, and purpose. We walk alongside students on their journey. We provide support and eliminate barriers to help them create “What’s Next” for themselves. We love it here and we think you will too.


Learning in Action

On Track Academy is a tree of classroom branches. Each branch offers a distinct learning experience. Branches are team-taught by groups of caring adults. They vary in size and each offers a different focus and style. Here are some examples of what you’ll see & feel happening in our branches:

  • Hands-on work
  • Purposeful tasks
  • Internships
  • Students using their voice
  • Lots of smiles
  • Student-led Exhibitions and Showcases
  • Industry partnerships
  • Real work, not busy work
  • Co-creating with adults and students
  • Collaboration
  • Personalized learning
  • Satisfaction & purpose
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4091 N. Regal St.
Spokane WA, 99207
(509) 354-7449