About Us

  • A specially designed educational center for lifelong learners!

Our Mission

  • The mission of the Odyssey and Tessera is to provide educational programs that aim to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of all students by developing caring, knowledgeable, and intellectually curious young people.

What Makes Libby Special?

  • From the outside, the structure of Libby Center looks exactly like it did when it was built in 1928, a strong and sturdy building, meant to be something important in the Spokane community for both children and adults. Originally serving as a middle school for Spokane Public Schools, Libby eventually changed its mission in 1996 to become a site for a spectrum of programs to meet the specialized needs of highly capable students.

    As a result, Libby is now home to:

    • Tessera - One-day-a-week enrichment program
    • Odyssey - Full-time gifted magnet program


    We asked our students what makes Odyssey & Tessera special, and they said:

    • "Teachers care about us and learning is fun and interesting."
    • "We get to make friends with people from all over Spokane."
    • "All students here can learn at their own rates. If they need more time, they can have it. If they learn fast, they can move right on."
    • "We get to be different, to be ourselves, in a special way."
    • "We are challenged here to the extent of our abilities."