Counseling Support

  • Jefferson has two counselors who split the school week. Anne Walter works all day Monday and Tuesdays, and on Wednesday mornings. Kim Thomas works Wednesday afternoons and all day Thursday and Friday. Both are available to all students and parents who might need additional resources.

    The counseling program at Jefferson is deeply rooted in classroom guidance. Both counselors work in classrooms, teaching students conflict-management skills, emotional regulation, academic focus and stamina, among other things. Young students are taught Kelso's Choices as a way to solve small problems, and all students, K-6, get lessons on how we show Jefferson PRIDE at school (building skills as kids who are Positive Problem-Solvers, Responsible Citizens, Independent Learners, [who] Do My Best and Earn and Give Respect).

    The counselors are also in classrooms teaching anti-bullying and harassment lessons, as well as age-appropriate college and career curriculum (the district's T-2-4 initiative). They can also be a resource for families in transition or crisis, linking parents to outside resources to help with challenges at school and home.

    Feel free to contact either counselor if your student needs support at school.

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Picture of Kim Thomas and Anne Walter