Salk PAC

  • PAC Minutes

    1. Reviewed the role of the PAC, which includes meeting around 4 times a year, listening to and giving feedback on the School Improvement Plan, raising money for teacher mini-grants through an event called Salk Mania, voting to approve or reject requests for teacher mini-grants, and coordinating events during Teacher Appreciation Week.   
    2. Selected Anna and Chris Cheathem to be Treasurers.  They have been on the PAC for the past two years.  They will contact Yvette Moulton to have the PAC bank account switched over. 
    3. Discussed the PAC finances.  We were unable to have Salk Mania last year as we usually have it in April.  Fortunately, we had about $2500 remaining from the year prior.  This money funds teacher mini-grants which are voted on by PAC members.  We do this through email.  I send an email and parents can respond with yes or no.  As we are all busy and sometimes don’t respond quickly, no response is considered a yes vote.  I don’t anticipate a lot of requests while we are in the distance learning model. 
    4. We will meet again in mid-November.  During this meeting, I will present the School Improvement Plan and solicit feedback.   


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