What is Self-Directed (Asynchronous) Online Learning at Spokane Virtual?

  • Spokane Virtual is a web-based educational program of Spokane Public Schools that provides instructor-led online courses to students. All instructors have valid state certification in their subject areas. Spokane Virtual presents students with an interactive learning experience, not a textbook online. All our curriculum mirrors the scope and sequence of content taught in SPS classrooms. Students are not required to login to their classes at designated times, but each week they will have online interaction with their instructors through forums, activites, email, and office hours as needed.

  • Where personalized learning is the norm

    SVL served 66 percent of SPS 2018 graduating seniors with at least one course during their educational experience. Each year 12-14 percent of all secondary students are taking at least one SVL course.

    We are the largest public online provider in Washington state and have the highest pass and completion rates of all state-approved online programs. We serve students in grade1-12 in a variety of models. Many students take an additional course online to expand their schedule. Some students take the majority of their coursework online to fulfill individual educational needs. We also serve 24 school districts throughout Washington state by partnering with them to support their ability to offer online learning.

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  • Alternative Learning Experience (ALE)

    Participating in SVL is a privilege. Washington state ALE rules govern how students must perform in online courses. Students are required to maintain weekly contact and weekly progress to remain in good standing. If a student has 20 days of no contact and progress, intervention and/or a drop from the student's online course is required.

    Weekly Contact: According to Washington state law, students must have weekly personal contact with their instructors. Direct personal contact shall be for the purposes of instruction, review of assignments, testing, reporting of student progress, or other learning activities.

    Students are required to maintain contact a minimum of once a week. That means:

    • An assignment/test/activity posted to Blackboard that an instructor grades and/or provides feedback on
    • Email exchange with teacher
    • Phone call with teacher
    • Face-to-Face with teacher
    • Electronic exchange with teacher: Discussion Board, Blog, Instant Message

    Regular Progress: One of the advantages of SVL is that it allows for a flexible learning environment. Students may work on their assignments when and where they would like. At the same time though, Washington state law requires students to make academic progress in their online courses.

    Student progress will be evaluated against progress benchmarks which are clearly defined in the course for each month.


    SVL has a dynamic support structure which involves students, teachers, support staff, and parents/guardians.

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