Onboarding Information

  • Welcome to SVL! We are excited to have you as part of our community of online learners.

    This self-paced Orientation is MANDATORY for all SVL students. Please enter your name and plan to spend less than 20 minutes moving through the content. 

    Please Click Here to open the self paced orientation or see the embedded video below. The orientation will be open and avaialbe from February 1st to June 21st of 2023

     After you have logged into the orientation, click on the right arrow to move forward, and the left arrow to move backward



  • Student/Parent Resources

    1. Download & read the SVL Student/Parent Handbook for detailed information on being a successful online student, logging into your classes, utilizing your SPS Office 365 account, navigating Blackboard, and more!

    2. Log in to Blackboard to access your classes
      • Username: Student last name + last four digits of student ID + @sps81.org
        Ex: student1234@sps81.org
      • Password: Your 8-digit birthdate (mmddyyyy)
        Don't know your ID? Contact your SVL Student Support Specialist
    3. Download Office 365
      Your SPS student email is the only email address SVL teachers & staff use for all communications to you. It is important you check this email regularly.
      • Username: Student last name + last four digits of student ID + @sps81.org
        Ex: student1234@sps81.org
      • Password: Your 8-digit birthdate (mmddyyyy)

    Students now have access to the full suite of Microsoft Office products.

    If you are not a Spokane Public Schools student, please contact our District Partner Student Support Specialist.


    Parent Observer Account

    Parents have access to an observer account in Blackboard to monitor their student's progress in their SVL course.

    To login, access Blackboard at bb.spokaneschools.org and login with

    • Username: parent email address (parent email on file in PowerSchool)
    • Password: password sent by email to parent email on file within first few weeks of semester*

    *If you need assistance or do not receive an email with password information, please email Blackboard Help at BlackboardHelp@SpokaneSchools.org 

    Follow your child by clicking into their enrolled courses. This may include some classes that are using a “blended learning” model, not just SVL classes. In the actual SVL classes, you should have access to view “My Grades.”

    If you have multiple students attached to your observer account you will need to switch between the individual users using the “parent dashboard” on the right side of your home tab within Blackboard.

    Should your email address change, your Blackboard account username will NOT change. However, please make sure the SVL office has your correct email on file as progress reporting and teacher communications are sent through email.

  • Additional Tips for Success

    • Ask questions! Do not let a question prevent you from working.
    • Communication with your teacher is the key to prevention.
    • Print out the Course Schedule for your course and place that where you work as a reference.
    • Read all directions and all of your teacher's announcements.
    • When in doubt, contact your teacher. Progress in the SVL program is vital to your success so please stay in frequent contact with your teacher.
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  • Onboarding Options 

    Learn more about SVL, become acquainted with navigating your online class, meet our online teachers and more!