District-to-District Partnerships:
Serving Non-SPS Students

  • Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL) is a Washington state multi-district online educational program of Spokane Public Schools and was noted as "The Gold Standard" in our latest accreditation review. We are the largest public online provider in Washington state and have the highest pass and completion rates of all state approved online programs. 

    SVL believes in the success of all Washington students and works to share our model with districts that want to provide their students with more opportunities to excel and find the right educational fit.

    Our district-to-district partnerships make it easy for districts to provide their own online learning program with no upfront costs or loss of FTE. SVL provides WA-state endorsed teachers, rigorous curriculum, and support for your district to help your online learners find success.

    An extensive list of SVL courses is offered to students in grades K-12! See the SVL Course Catalog for course descriptions.

    Districts can access the SVL Elementary iConnect Program with our teachers and the SVL Elementary Curriculum for use with your teachers or to offer your home school families.

  • SVL Advantage:

    • Personalized student interface is seamless and customized to your district.
    • Online curriculum developed in-house and aligned to Spokane Public Schools rigorous scope and sequence and WA State standards.
    • Teachers are Washington State Certified and highly Qualified (WEA).
    • Courses are backed by a strong student support structure.
    • District Partners are supported with access to SVL's forms, documents and consulting support.

    SVL offers three types of partnerships, outlined in the flier below. If you are interested in finding out more about a potential district-to-district partnership with SVL, we'd love to talk with you.

    Find a short synopsis of SVL district-to-district partnership options.

  • SVL Consulting and Training:

    As a public school district, SVL is committed to sharing its successful virtual learning practices with other public schools in the state of Washington and nationally. Whether you are considering a new virtual learning program or would like guidance in developing and enhancing your current program, please feel free to reach out to Shannon Stravens to schedule a meeting with our Director.

    Common Topics:

    • Teacher Models & Expectations
    • Online Curriculum Development & Selection
    • Enrollment & Staffing Models

    With more than fifteen years of experience teaching virtual students with high outcomes, building quality online courses, and serving students successfully across Washington state via district partnerships, SVL has a history of collaboration, providing its documents and resources with other school districts, and training.

    The SVL Experience

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  • Do you live in another district?

    Are you a family residing outside of Spokane Public Schools boundaries interested in a course with SVL? We have many partnerships with districts across WA state. Please contact our District Partner Support Specialist or your local school district first to see if we can have or can create a district partnership. If not, we offer private pay options. Please contact our District Partner Support Specialist at: 509-354-7546.