Plan for Your Future

  • The goal of the College Access is to see that every graduating senior from The Community School walks off the stage with a solid plan for their future.  There is no "good luck" or "let me know how it turns out."  If a student expresses interest in attending college, applying for an apprenticeship, or joining the military it is our goal to have the needed steps to accomplish these goals completed.  This means applications are submitted, FAFSA finished, tests taken and options thoroughly reviewed before they receive their diploma. 

    College Knowledge

    • Students have ongoing career exploration and resumes created through Naviance.
    • College student shadowing for a day at EWU.
    • Financial Aid, Personal Statement, Resume, Major Decision Workshops by Admissions Counselors
    • Informational Interviews and Job Shadows
    • High School and Beyond Portfolio
    • X-Term College-Student-for-a-Day!
    • Whitworth Belief Conference
    • Scholarship Writing Workshops<
    • Westside College Tour (PLU, UW, Evergreen, UPS and more)
  • Steps for Applying

    Junior Year:

    1. TEST:  Take the PSAT (in October)
    2. VISIT:  Visit College Campuses
    3. COURSES:  Meet with High School Counselor to determine courses needed for college
    4. STUDY:  Begin thinking about what you want to study
    5. LIST:  Create a list of top colleges to attend (w/ backup options)
    6. TEST:  Take SAT/ACT/COMPASS test in Spring
    7. NIGHTS:  Attend financial aid/college admissions nights in your area

    Senior Year:

    1. VISIT:  Continue visiting College Campuses
    2. TEST:  Take the SAT/ACT/COMPASS test in Fall (to better score)
    3. APPLY:  Apply to colleges by deadlines (between Dec. and Mar.)
    4. FAFSA:  Complete the FAFSA in January
    5. SCHOLARSHIPS:  Search for Scholarships and apply
    6. CHECK:  Continually check email/mailbox for college/financial aid letters
    7. ACCEPTANCE:  Confirm college acceptance