SVL Elementary

  • Where personalized learning is the norm

    Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL) Elementary is a web-based educational program that provides instructor-led online courses to elementary students. All instructors have valid state certification in their subject areas. SVL presents students with an interactive learning experience, not a textbook online.

    Elementary SVL Courses Offered:

    • K-6 English Language Arts
    • K-6 Math
    • 1-6 Social Studies
    • 1-6 Science

    *Fitness, Art, and Music classes at your local school or on your own

  • What can I expect?

    Time on Program

    Students must access online learning daily at approximately one hour per day per subject. Enrollment in all four subjects would mean at least four hours of online learning per day.

    Weekly Contact

    According to Washington state law, students must have weekly personal contact with their instructors. Direct personal contact shall be for the purposes of instruction, review of assignments, testing, reporting of student progress, or other learning activities.

    Monthly Progress Report

    Every student and parent will receive a monthly progress report from their teacher. This will include information about the lessons completed and standards met. This report will be followed up with a phone call to discuss progress.

    Office Hours

    Your child’s online teacher will have regular office hours every week for your convenience. However, please contact their teacher at any time.


    Spokane Public Schools students are required to take state assessments. SVL students will take these tests at their home school during their school’s designated testing window; typically in the spring. More information on assessments can be found on the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website.

    In addition to state assessments, SVL uses NWEA’s Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessment for our elementary students to help identify student strengths and fill any gaps in their learning. The data from the MAP assessments are provided to parents and help SVL teachers to personalize the online material assigned to students. MAP testing will be administered at the start of every school year (or upon student enrollment) and in the spring with an optional testing window mid-year at teacher’s discretion.

  • How do I enroll?

    SVL enrolls elementary students through their local school within SPS. We work collaboratively with school principals and counselors to ensure every student is set up to succeed in their online learning journey.

    If you are interested in SVL for one or more elementary classes, please contact your school's counselor or call our Elementary Support Specialist for more information.

    Not an SPS student? First check with your district of residence regarding online opportunities, then connect with our District Partner Support Specialist.

Student on Computer