• Observations and student work sampling are the most prevalent methods of evaluating and assessing student progress in a Montessori program. Students also take State and District learning assessments.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parent-teacher conferences are held twice during the school year. The first parent-teacher conference is in November; the second is in March. These meetings are scheduled collaboratively between the parent and teacher for the weeks indicated on the school calendar. It is highly recommended that parents observe in their child’s classroom prior to conferences.

    Progress Reports

    Progress reports are issued three times a year in November, March and June. The first two reports are given in conjunction with a parent/teacher conference and the final progress report is sent home with the students on the last day of school. Grades are given in specialist classes only: Fitness and Health, Art, Music and Library.


    Parents and guardians are encouraged to observe in their child’s classroom. Observation prior to each parent teacher conference is most helpful. Observers are expected to call the classroom teacher for an appointment at least one day in advance and follow observation guidelines that are provided upon their visit.

    P.D.F. View the Classroom Observation Guide

    District Reading, Writing and Math Assessment

    Students are individually administered a reading assessment twice a year in grades 1-2. These assessments can help determine the independent reading level for each student and identify individual strengths and areas for improvement. In grades 1-6, students are given a writing assessment twice a year. Student writing assessments in grade 1 is described in terms of writing stages of development. Student writing assessments in grades 2-6 are scored according to a four point rubric on content/organization/style and a 2 point rubric on conventions (language usage, capitalization, punctuation and spelling). In grades 1-6, students also take assessments on the grade level expectations in mathematics. The scores will be discussed with parents at each parent-teacher conference or upon request.