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  • Air Force Junior ROTC provides character development through a variety of co-curricular activities, community service, leadership, aerospace history and aerospace science courses. Every course is offered every class period 1-6. Students from throughout Spokane Public Schools are welcome to join the Corps at Rogers High School. Contact your student’s counselor to sign up.


    • have the opportunity to fly!
    • fly a Cessna 172 and pass the FAA Private Pilot written exam with the help of certified flight instructors from Northwest Flight Service
    • learn self-reliance, discipline, resilience, mutual respect, leadership, and followership fundamentals.
    • are required to follow military customs, courtesies, physical fitness and grooming standards.
    • wear the Air Force uniform at least once a week, practice drill (marching), ceremony, customs, courtesies, and traditions. Cadets are issued uniforms free of charge. 
    • are given multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in community service events, drill team competitions, color and honor guard ceremonies, cyber security competitions, leadership laboratories and confidence-building challenges.

    The Corps is proud to provide an engaging environment for all students—we strive to be a tight-knit family that supports each other.

    Related Programs

    • Felt's Field Flight School--We partnered with Northwest Flight Service to provide ground, simulator, and flight training towards successfully completing the FAA Private Pilot written exam. There are no age restrictions or costs associated.
    • Air Force-sponsored Flight Academy--Select cadets attend an all-expense paid rigorous 8-week course over the summer to earn a Private Pilot license.
    • Our highly-competitive Drill Team is the largest in the area and meets Tues-Fri 645-745 a.m. The commitment, discipline, and dedication these cadets internalize and demonstrate is simply amazing.
    • Our state-champion CyberPatriot team meets after school on Thursdays from 3-5 p.m. CyberPatriot is the the Air Force Association's National Youth Cyber Education Program, created to inspire K-12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines critical to our nation's future.
    • Informal ground and simulator training using our new Gleim Basic Aviation Training Device (flight simulator) and airline-pilot mentors. We meet after school on Monday. 
    • Our Joint Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB) team meets after school on Friday.

    Military Pathway

    We are not military recruiters, and cadets do not incur any obligation to the Air Force. However, we offer a high school graduation pathway as a Career and Technical Education program. Cadets on a military pathway can take the ASVAB for graduation. JROTC cadets are given special consideration for Service Academy and ROTC scholarships and are eligible for multiple other JROTC-exclusive scholarships. Furthermore, cadets who meet age requirements (17) are eligible to compete for a Flight Academy scholarship to pursue an FAA private pilot certificate. Finally, if cadets decide to enlist, they are bumped up one or two pay grades depending on time spent in JROTC.

    AFJROTC Basics

    The AFJROTC program enrolls approximately 102,000 cadets, employs more than 1,900 instructors and operates in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea and Guam. AFJROTC units are located within host high schools, public and private. Congress established the Junior ROTC under the National Defense Act of 1916. Certain requirements as stipulated by Congress under U.S. Code: Title 10, Section 2031 must be satisfied to participate in a JROTC program.

C-17 from McChord AFB
  • Our mission

    To develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.


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