Enrollment Information

  • Applications are accepted for students entering grades K-8th, from families residing within the Spokane Public Schools district*. Because of the numerous applications Spokane Public Montessori receives, there is a lottery process for admitting students.

    *Find boundary maps for elementary, middle and high schools. Find out if your address is in the Spokane Public Schools district here.

2024-2025 Lottery Enrollment

  • The School Choice priority window for the 2024-25 school year will be open Jan. 1 - Feb. 15, 2024.

Orientation & Tours

  • Attending an orientation session is strongly recommended before you apply to our program and required before attending our school if selected in the enrollment process You will discover the foundational principles that guide Montessori learning and curriculum, view a Montessori classroom, and have time to ask questions.

    Click here to view and register for upcoming Orientation Dates

Sibling Applications

  • Siblings of Spokane Public Montessori have preference for available spots. An online application must be completed prior to the lottery. The spirit of the sibling admission policy is to provide cohesiveness for all children in the same family while providing an equal opportunity for all students who desire to attend the school to obtain admission to the school.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Create an account in the online application system
      • Please use one account per family. Students on two different accounts will not be recognized as siblings.
    2. Add your current student to your account
      • Include his or her current school
      • Add the existing sibling if they are not already in the system
      • You do not need to apply for your current student to attend any schools for next year. He or she will continue at SPM with no further action.
    3. Add your new student to your account
    4. Apply for the new student to attend Spokane Public Montessori

Health Plans, IEPs, and 504s

Health Services

  • Please contact our main office at (509) 354-6473 to set up a time to bring in health information, medications, etc.

IEPs and 504s

  • Our counselor, Margie Arnzen (phone: (509) 354-6473), can assist you with 504 plans and support in Individualized Education Plans.


When will I be notified my student has been accepted?

Families can expect to receive placement invitations or waitlist notifications in the second half of February. Applications received after Feb. 15 will be added to the school waitlist in the order they are received and according to priority order designated in School Board Policy 3131.

What if I am having trouble with the enrollment system?

If you have any questions about registration, please submit them through our Let’s Talk portal. Or you can give us a call at (509) 354-6409 and we will do our best to help you through the process.

Note: Schools will not be able to answer questions about Option or Choice acceptances until after the priority window closes and the lottery results are determined in the second half of February.

Who does not need to enroll using this system?

  • Currently enrolled K-7th grade students. You are automatically enrolled for next year. If you are choosing another option for next year, you will need to contact the school, and/or utilize the online enrollment system. Please notify us in writing if you do not plan to return next year. This will release your space to students on the waitlist.
  • Our system will roll your student up to the next grade level at SPM automatically every June.

Who needs to use the online enrollment system?

  • Anyone new to our school who would like to enroll, including all siblings of current students in any grade. Although siblings of currently enrolled students have preference, they need to enter the lottery so they can be enrolled as space becomes available in each grade level.
  • Anyone who wants to choose one of the option schools, or a non-neighborhood school, as their choice for enrollment next year, and is not already enrolled there.
  • Anyone who remains on our waitlist for the 2020-21 school year. Our waitlist does not roll over from year to year, so you will need to reapply if you would like to attend next year.
  • There is no paper enrollment process. All new students and siblings of current students need to use the online system.
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