• Step 1: Enroll in Spokane Public Schools

    • If you are new to Spokane Public Schools and Shadle Park is your neighborhood school, register for SPS. If you are transferring from a non-neighborhood "feeder" school, follow the application process. Students in 8th grade who live in the SPHS attendance area boundaries will automatically be rolled into Shadle for the next school year. We will visit your middle school to help you with the course registration process and we will hold a parent night to answer any questions about the process. There is NO need to complete the district registration materials.

    Step 2: Register for Classes

    Course Offerings

    Shadle Park High School offers a wide array of courses in multiple disciplines to suite the interest of our students. Refer to the SPHS 2020-2021 Course Catalog for information about programs Shadle Park offers to our students.

    If you are interested in courses at other high schools in our district, refer to the SPS Course Catalog.

    Student Checklist

    High school planning involves more than just deciding on the right classes to take. The SPHS counseling team came up with this checklist to encourage students to have a great high school experience.