• CharacterStrong

    This year we are using the CharacterStrong curriculum which promotes social/emotional learning through our advisory program. The curriculum and delivery have been modified for this year's special circumstances. CharacterStrong weaves together strong instruction with intentional relationship-building techniques to support teaching non-cognitive character traits like resilience, relational skills, empathy and kindness. We believe this curriculum will have a powerful and positive impact on the climate and culture of our school.  When our students feel safe, supported, and part of a community, they will perform better, act with more kindness, and want to show up to school each day. We have an opportunity to help our students learn the value of empathy, service and connection. Along with strong academics, our goal is to have our Highlanders be capable, compassionate people and become the best versions of themselves! This curriculum is paired in advisory with lessons that help with development and planning of the High School and Beyond Plan which is a state graduation requirement. 

    Please contact your Advisory teacher or a counselor if you have any immediate questions!


    Teachers and Advisors please see Teams for Advisory Lessons etc.